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How to Do All Injustice 2 Super Moves



Every Injustice 2 player should know how to do at least one Injustice 2 Super Move. Potent and devastating, Injustice 2 Super Moves are your chance to put an end to your opponent with flair.

Each character in Injustice 2 has a Super Move, whether you’ve done it before or not. Super Moves aren’t a quick way to end a battle, but they are a good way to get ahead and stay there. Once you’ve pressed the correct button combination, your character will begin to prepare for the move. If successful, you get to see your character use their abilities to deal a lot of damage.

Here’s how to do Injustice 2 Super Moves and the information you need to master them. Use this guide to never your opponents a chance to win against you.

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Why Injustice 2 Super Moves Are Important

Because Super Moves aren’t an immediate way to win a match, new Injustice 2 players assume that they aren’t worth using. That’s not true. Your opponent can only try to lower the amount of damage a Super Move deals out once it’s been started. Throw a few combos after a Super Move and you’re well on your way to defeating your enemy.

How to Do Injustice 2 Super Moves

To do a Super Move, you need your character’s Super Meter at four. Mortal Kombat X, another fighting game created by Injustice 2 developer NetherRealm, requires a specific set of buttons for Fatalities. Injustice 2 Super Moves are easy to do. You only need to press the bottom triggers on your Xbox One or PS4 controller. That’s the LT and RT buttons on the Xbox One Controller. It’s the L2 and R2 buttons on PS4.

As you’re preparing to perform Injustice 2 Super Moves, be mindful that your opponent can block the move if you aren’t quick enough at starting it. You want to get your move timing just right so that you can execute the Super Move and launch a few combos to finish your opponent off.

Injustice 2 Super Moves

Atrocitus Super Move – The Butcher

Attrocitus’ Super Move is called The Butcher. He stabs the other character in the chest. Next, he punches them until they land on a rock and calls on the Butcher. He douses them with fire to end the attack.

Aquaman Super Move – The Beast Below

The Aqua Man’s Super Move uses his Trident, naturally. He stabs his opponent in the chest with it, then uses a tidal wave, lightning and a Great White Shark to deal damage. Once the shark has dragged the other player to the bottom of the sea, Aqua Man stabs them again.

Bane Super Move – Vengeance of Ban

Bane uses his brute force to knock his opponent in the air. He hits and headbutts them before they land. Next, he slams them on the ground.

Batman Super Move – Bat of Gotham

Batman suspends his opponent in the air. Next, he uses the Batwing’s weapons to shoot guns and rockets at his opponent before letting them fall to the ground.

Black Adam Super Move – Shazam

Black Adam uses his power to throw his opponent to Egypt. He knocks them through the Great Pyramid and shouts Shazam as lightning hits them and destroys the landmark.

Black Canary Super Move – Sonic Scream

Black Canary kicks her opponent into the air and blasts them with her Sonic Scream. Once they’ve landed, she punches them.

Blue Beetle Super Move – Shape Shifter

Blue Beetle stuns with his claws, then stabs the other player with swords and maces. He shoots them with two machine guns and a giant laser.

Brainiac Super Move – Skull Ship

Brainiac’s Super Move unleashes robots to attack the other player. His ship fires an energy blast at the opponent and the other robots.

Captain Cold Super Move – Absolute Zero

Captain Cold freezes the other player and creates an ice chandelier to drop on top of them.

Catwoman Super Move – Bad Kitty

While riding her motorcycle, Catwoman grabs the other character and uses her whip to drag them down a road. Jumping allows her to drop the motorcycle on top of them.

Cheetah Super Move – Queen of the Jungle

Cheetah scratches the other player. Next, she throws them into the air. She slashes them four more times and drops them on their back to break their spine.

Cyborg Super Move – Cyborg

Cyborg knocks the other player into a Boom Tube where they travel to Apokolips. Parademons attack. Finally, Cyborg drags the player back through the Boom Tube before he blasts them.

Darkseid Super Move – Darkseid

Darkseid’s Super Move uses his Omega Beams. The beams knock the other character into orbit and through a few satellites. He crushes them in his hands and throws them back into the stage.

Deadshot Super Move – Never Miss

Deadshot rifle whips the other player. Next, he throws his gun in midair while he punches and stabs them. He uses another gun to shoot them in the back and stabs them again. After catching his rifle, he shoots the other character in the face.

Doctor Fate Super Move – The Amulet of Anubis

Doctor Fate uses the Amulet of Anubis to suck the other character into his chest and slam them. The amulet pushes them back out into the stage.

Firestorm Super Move – Molecular Mayhem

Firestorm’s opponents are set ablaze. Then he throws two fireballs at them and sets off an explosion underneath them.

The Flash Super Move – Time Changer

Flash hits his enemy, then travels back in time to slam them on the Sphinx. He slams them into a Tyrannosaurus before slamming them again in the current time.

Gorilla Grodd Super Move – Animal Instinct

Using Telekinesis, Grodd slams the opposing character three times and knocks them out.

Green Arrow Super Move – Target Practice

Green Arrow beats the other player within his bow, then slams them on top of an exploding arrow. A freezing arrow turns them into ice. Next, he stomps on them.

Green Lantern Super Move – Mechanized Assault

Green Arrow uses his ring to create a giant robot, and each arm and leg of that robot hit the other player. He laser blasts the other player once the robot is fully assembled.

Harley Quinn Super Move – Get Em Boys

Harley summons Bud and Lou to bite the other character. Next, she beats the other player with a bat.

The Joker Super Move – Not So Funny Is it?

The Joker uses his toxin to knock the other character into an electric chair. Once they’re in the chair, he beats them with his crowbar twice and sets off dynamite that explodes underneath them.

Poison Ivy Super Move – Feed Me

Poison Ivy turns the entire area into a jungle and throws toxic on her opponent. A Venus Flytrap gobbles the player up and spits them out.

Red Hood Super Move – Gotham’s Outlaw

The Red Hood uses a grenade to knock his opponent off-balance. He throws another behind them and dropkicks them so that they land on it. Then, he shoots at them with his pistols and plants a sticky bomb on them. The sticky bomb explodes after he shoots it.

Robin Super Move – Holding Back

Robin slashes his opponent with a sword and uses WingDing explosives in his Super Move.

Scarecrow Super Move – Death Bed

Scarecrow creates a rift, then grabs the other player with a sickle and hits them twice. They’re dropped into a tombstone that already has their name on it.

Sub-Zero Super Move – Deep Freeze

Sub-Zero’s opponent slips on an ice sheet that he created. He slides toward them, flips them in the air and freezes them. He hits them with an ice hammer next. While they’re flying, he teleports closer and slams their face into the ground.

Supergirl Super Move – Asteroid Shower

Supergirl begins her Super Move with an uppercut. She then flies her opponent to the Sun and finishes them off with her heat vision and a meteor shower.

Superman Super Move – Final Flight

Superman uses one punch and knocks the other character into the sky. He punches them two more times while they are in the air, before grabbing them and slamming them to the ground.

Swamp Thing Super Move – Green Kingdom

Swamp Thing grabs the opponent and pulls them below ground. He creates a giant fist of vines next and uses this fist to punch them before breaking their spine. He finishes the move by slamming them.

Wonder Woman Super Move – Princess Power

Wonder Woman uses her bracers to put her opponent on the defensive. Next, she uses the Lasso of Truth to hold them in place while she upper cuts them with her shield. She throws them in the air and stabs them with her sword. Finally, she stomps on them once they’ve landed.

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