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How to Find the 2018 iPad Pro in Stock



The 2018 iPad Pro is packed with exciting upgrades and cool things it can do. That’s probably why it’s hard to find the iPad Pro in stock for release date delivery any more.

If you look on you are looking at a deliver close to Thanksgiving or beyond, depending on the model you choose.

While looking at Best Buy, B&H Photo and carriers we are able to find several versions of the 2018 iPad Pro in stock for release date delivery, with WiFi or with LTE.

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The 2018 iPad Pro release date is November 7th, and shipping estimates from Apple are out to at least November 14th. There is also a chance that you will be able to walk into an Apple Store on November 7th and pick one up. Since there are no in store pickup reservations this will depend on local stock and demand.

How to Find the 2o18 iPad Pro in Stock

How to find the 2018 iPad Pro 3rd Gen in stock.

How to find the 2018 iPad Pro 3rd Gen in stock.

Don’t both calling stores or pestering employees to find the new iPad Pro in stock online or at a local store. You can check to see if your local store has the iPad Pro in stock online and in most cases order for pickup on release day or for speedy delivery.

Check Apple Store 2018 iPad Pro Stock

You can use the Apple Store App on your iPhone or iPad, or the Apple website, to check and see if there is a 2018 iPad Pro in stock for delivery.

Most of the popular models are not available for delivery on release day at this point direct from Apple.

On November 5th or 6th you may see Apple open up in-store pickup options once stock starts to arrive.

We do expect stores will have stock on hand on November 7th for walk in customers, or to be reserved with the app that morning.

2018 iPad Pro in Stock at Best Buy, Target & B&H

Best Buy, Target and B&H Photo all sell the 2018 iPad Pro and have it in stock with release date delivery as an option for some models. Space Gray is harder to find in stock and so are some of the largest and smallest storage options.

You can’t get all screen sizes or configurations at these stores for release day delivery, but many of them are available. You can still get AppleCare+ at these retailers or buy it from Apple right after you get it. If you go with B&H Photo you don’t need to pay sales tax up front outside of NY, NJ or Washington.

2018 iPad Pro in Stock at Carriers

If you want the 2018 iPad Pro with LTE, you can go straight to your carrier. The iPad Pro is in stock at most carriers with release date delivery.

The iPad Pro with LTE is $150 more expensive and you need to pay a monthly fee to get it online.

Verizon offers $150 off the 2018 iPad Pro when you buy on a two-year contract. Most carriers also offer a monthly payment plan with 0% interest if you prefer to pay over time.

Once you find your 2018 iPad Pro in stock you can check out the cool things the new iPad Pro can do, things you didn’t know the iPad Pro could do and the best 2018 iPad Pro cases.

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