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19 Cool Things the iPad Pro Can Do



There are a lot of cool things Apple’s iPad Pro can do that can make you more productive, unleash your creativity, or just wow your friends. This guide covers the cool things you can do with iPad Pro that may help you justify the extra expense compared to a standard iPad.

The iPad Pro can give a lot of people sticker-shock since it starts at $799, a steep premium over the iPad Air ($599) and standard iPad ($329). The iPad Pro can do enough unique things to justify the price difference, especially for those that use it for earning a living.

When the iPad Pro first launched, one of the coolest things about it was that you could write on it with the Apple Pencil.  The iPad Pro has come a long way and now one of its coolest features that you can’t find on any other iPad is its LiDAR sensor, which allows the iPad Pro to see in 3D.

Apple’s iPad Pro can certainly serve as a primary computer for many people, especially when combined with some of the premium accessories Apple and third-party manufacturers offer.  If you’re not quite ready to cast your MacBook aside, the iPad Pro can be used to help you get the most out of your computer.

Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro launch video gives a glimpse of what the iPad Pro can do. If you have an iPad Pro, but primarily use it to stream videos and browse social media, then you’re certainly making the most of it. We hope this guide can help you get the most out of your iPad Pro or help you decide if the iPad Pro is right for you.

Recent iPad Pro models can do almost everything on our list below. However, only the 2020 and 2021 iPad Pro models can do anything involving the LiDAR sensor.

The iPad Pro starts at $799, but there are plenty of deals that offer $150 discounts or more. Check the latest iPad Pro deals at Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H Photo.

What Can the iPad Pro Do?

Apple’s iPad Pro can transform into a laptop with the right accessories

The iPad Pro allows you to use two apps at the same time, watch a video picture-in-picture while you browse the web or work on something, take handwritten notes, scan documents, and much more.

Here’s a closer look at the cool things the iPad Pro can do, including some you definitely don’t know about.

  1. Run Two Apps at the Same Time
  2. Use as a Screen for your MacBook Pro
  3. Play A Movie Picture in Picture
  4. Scan Documents
  5. Take Notes with the Apple Pencil
  6. Dictate Messages
  7. Open Apps with Siri
  8. Turn on Dark Mode
  9. Draw on Your iPad Pro
  10. Edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Documents
  11. Sign Documents
  12. Copy and Paste From Your iPhone
  13. Convert Handwriting Into Text
  14. Work on Multiple Emails at Once
  15. Use Home Screen Widgets
  16. Connect a Keyboard and Mouse for More Productivity
  17. Connect Your iPad Pro to a TV
  18. Browse All of Your Files
  19. Make an Epic Movie from Your Photos
  20. Scan and Measure Your Home in 3D

Click through below to learn more about each of these things the iPad Pro can do, and to see how you can do them on your iPad Pro.

Run Two Apps at the Same Time

Run Two Apps at the Same Time

The iPad Pro can run two apps at the same time. This allows you to use your email and look at a document, or browse the web and use social media at the same time. 

There are a few ways you can use two apps at the same time on the iPad Pro. You can use Split View to put two apps side by side, or you can use Slide Over to see a smaller version of an app in off to one side. 

To use Slide Over;

  1. Open the first app.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Tap and hold on the app and then drag up to open in Slide Over. 

Now you can use that app in a pop up style window. It's limited to a smaller size, but you can move it around on the screen easier. You can move this into Split View. To do that you need to;

  1. Drag down on the  indicator at the top of the Slide Over window. 

Now you can change the width of the app windows so that you can see everything you need to see in both apps.  If you are on iOS 11 or higher, you can then drag a link, photo, text or file between apps. Just tap and hold on the item, and then drag it to another app. 



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