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How to Find the iPhone SE 2 in Stock



The iPhone SE 2 is on sale through Apple and other retailers and some models are already selling out ahead of the device’s release on April 24th. If you want a very specific model and you want it ASAP, you should be able to find what you’re looking for if you do a little digging.

Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, and carriers like Verizon have put the new iPhone SE on sale, but the delivery times have already slipped into May.

If you order the iPhone SE 2 at Apple, your delivery date could be as late as May 13th. We should see dates slip even further as the pre-order period progresses. That said, if you look at Best Buy and other stores, you can get your new phone much faster.

While some retailers (including Apple) have closed physical locations to the public, big box retailers like Walmart remain open. Walmart is doing in-store purchases on April 24th while retailers like Best Buy are offering curbside pickup to those who want to avoid shipping costs and delivery.

If you’re hunting for a specific version of the iPhone SE 2 and you want it ASAP, you’ll want to keep an eye on stock at Apple and other retailers.

In this guide we’ll help you find the iPhone SE 2 you want in stock right now.

How to Find the iPhone SE 2 in Stock

There are a few ways to quickly check iPhone SE 2 stock from your home or office. You can try calling your local retailer, but checking from your computer or phone will save you a lot of time.

If you want to order via Apple you can check for stock and current shipping times on the company’s website or via the Apple Store application on your mobile device.

If you order from Apple, it looks like most deliveries will arrive between April 24th and May 13th. We could see shipping times increase, or decrease, as we move through the month.

If the model you want is currently shipping in May via Apple, you’ve got options. Retailers like Best Buy are showing better delivery estimates and Best Buy is showing curbside pickup for April 24th at some locations. Again, these dates are subject to change.

Here are the best places to check for iPhone SE 2 in stock:

If you can’t find the shipping time or pickup time you want through one of these retailers, you can also check through resellers like eBay for faster shipping times. However, a lot of listings will require you to pay a premium so choose carefully.

3 Reasons to Pre-Order the iPhone SE 2 & 5 Reasons to Wait

Pre-Order to Get the iPhone SE 2 ASAP

Pre-Order to Get the iPhone SE 2 ASAP

If you've been waiting for Apple to announce a new iPhone SE and you're sold on the upgrades the company's made to the budget iPhone, you'll want to put in an order in the near future. 

We might not see every single iPhone SE 2 model sell out before the official release date, but we could see some shipping times slip across the board as the pre-order period progresses. Shipping times have already been pushed back into May at Apple. 

If you've got your heart set on a particular color in a specific storage configuration, you might want to put in a pre-order to ensure that you get release date delivery. 

If you put in an order ASAP you can expect your delivery on Friday, April 24th. If you wait, you might not get your phone until May. 

If you buy your iPhone SE 2 via Apple, shipping is free. 

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