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iPhone SE 2 Colors: Which is Best for You in 2020?



The iPhone SE is available in three color options, which is significantly less than the iPhone 11, but you still have a choice. There are no special editions with extra features, so you simply need to pick the best option for your needs.

Apple uses a black bezel around the front of all the iPhone SE models, even the white color, so the only place you see the iPhone SE color option is on the back and the side.

This is important because a black bezel is better while watching content on the screen, and now the iPhone SE color you pick is not a factor in that color.

Here is our help on which color to pick and which iPhone SE color is best in 2020.

Best iPhone SE Color for a Cause

The Product(RED) iPhone SE is the best color if you want to support a good cause.

Do you want a flashy iPhone SE color that also does some good for the world? If so, the Product(RED) iPhone SE color is your best bet. A portion of every purchase goes to the Global Fund to fight COVID-19.

When you buy the red iPhone SE, you help support a good cause and you get a bright iPhone color.

$399 and up at Apple

Best iPhone SE Color to Add Color Later

The white iPhone SE color is the best if you want a blank canvas.

The white iPhone SE color is the best option if you want to add all of your style with an iPhone SE case or skin.

A white back and sides allow you to choose cool options that include clear portions or a case that takes center stage.

This is also a great option if you want whatever colors you wear and love to take center stage.

$399 and up at Apple

Best iPhone SE Color for Anyone

Black is a timeless classic iPhone SE color in 2020.

The black iPhone SE color is the best choice if you are a purist or you like to stick with the classics. The black iPhone is also the only one that features the same color all the way around to the front, which will appeal to some users.

This is a nice choice that avoids anything flashy, while still offering a cool look.

$399 and up at Apple

iPhone SE Color Wear and Discoloration

While we often hear concerns about different colors showing wear or changing over time, this isn’t a major issue with the iPhone SE. The design is tried and tested, so you shouldn’t worry about this.

The color of the phone is under the glass, so unless you break the back or something crazy, this will not be an issue.

Which is the Best iPhone SE Color?

Ultimately a Product(RED) iPhone SE is the best color option in 2020.

Ultimately the best iPhone SE color is Product(RED) because you don’t pay any extra and Apple supports a good cause — in this case the fight against COVID-19.

If you plan to put your iPhone SE in a case, this is still an awesome option because you can go clear and let some red shine through or just cover it all up with your favorite color.

The iPhone SE pre-orders start Friday at Apple and at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon as well as direct from carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

10 Cool Things the iPhone SE 2 Can Do (2020)

Take Portrait Mode Photos

Take Portrait Mode Photos

One of my favorite features on the iPhone is taking Portrait mode photos. By switching to this option you can blur the background of a picture and make the subject really stand out. It's a simple way to make your pictures really stand out on social media. 

The iPhone SE features a single camera, but it supports Portrait mode with all of the six current Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control to adjust the background blur (bokeh) after you take the shot. This is an awesome feature and even more impressive at the $399 starting price. 

You also get the portrait mode on the front-facing camera for better-looking selfies. This is especially handy if you need to hide the mess in your house with a fancy blur while you're setting up your best isolation selfie. 

You also get all the latest iOS 13 editing controls for your photos and the iPhone SE camera can capture photos with Smart HDR. In short, this is an impressive camera setup on a budget iPhone. 

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