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How to Fix Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Problems



The Samsung Galaxy S10 is an amazing phone with a lot to love, but some of its newer technology isn’t perfect. In this guide we’ll discuss Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner problems and show you how to make it way more accurate. Whether you keep getting “no match”, false readings or other problems, we’re here to help.

Unlike its earlier phones, the Galaxy S10 has an all-new ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the screen, inside the phone. The sensor sends ultrasonic signals that can read the unique ridges of a fingerprint. And while it’s really neat to see and use, like something out of the movies, it does have a few issues.

With just a few minutes of time and two simple tricks we can help you make the Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner more accurate and work every time, faster, not to mention more secure. Here’s how:

Train your fingerprints the right way.

Train your print holding the phone naturally, not straight on like this image

How to Fix Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

  • Go to Settings > Biometrics & security > Fingerprints > and delete your saved fingers
  • Now, re-add your main fingerprint again but hold the phone naturally and not the way Samsung pictures it on the screen
  • Complete the entire process and you’re all done (Do this after you add/remove a screen protector)
  • For better accuracy do it again, add the same thumb THREE times

Don’t scan your fingerprint the way Samsung suggests in the on-screen prompt, as you can see in the image above. You NEVER hold the phone that way during the day. When you register your fingerprint hold the phone the way you normally do. Most likely that means in your right hand with your thumb coming in from the bottom right side of the phone.

Completely save your main finger three times, and then you’re going to check the system in settings for which of those three fingerprint registrations is the best one. Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Biometrics & security > Fingerprints
  • Tap on Check added fingerprints
  • Scan your finger and see which of the 3 prints it recognizes most
  • It will say Fingerprint 1, 2, or 3
  • This is your best scan, you can now delete the other two

The first scan isn’t always the best one, either, so make sure you check to see which one the phone’s authentication system recognizes the most. Don’t forget to delete the other two. Now you’ve added the same finger several times and kept the best one.

Additionally, we recommend owners go back in and repeat this process for their left or secondary thumb. Scan it completely three times, then only keep the best scan and delete the other two.

Bonus Tip:  Now, you have two more spots left, as you can only have four saved prints in total. Add one more fingerprint. Only this time during the scan you can do your right thumb, left thumb, and even your index finger all during the process. Yes, one scan can recognize multiple fingers. That way if the phone is laying on a table I can unlock it with my thumb or index finger. This gives both thumbs and your index fingers all a better chance at unlocking the phone fast, the first try, and with extreme accuracy.

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