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How to Get Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts on Amazon



Are you constantly buying in bulk on Amazon? If you treat it more like Costco and Sam’s Club or you are reselling things you buy on Amazon, you need to sign up for a free Amazon Business account today.

Once you have an Amazon Business Account, you are eligible for bulk pricing and quantity discounts on a wide range of items. Some of the discounts are relatively small, but others are significant.

This can help you keep costs down as you go through consumables and other items that you need to get work done. It’s also a great way to procure tools that you need at a lower price. Finally, if you are selling items locally that you buy on Amazon, this could be a nice way to add to your bottom line.

It is very easy to get the business pricing on Amazon and to get quantity discounts. You can also pair this up with signing up for the Amazon Tax Exempt Service so that you can avoid paying sales tax on these purchases.

There are four different types of business pricing and quantity discounts that you can take advantage of;

  • Business Pricing – Standard discounts simply for signing up for a free Amazon Business account.
  • Quantity Discounts – Quantity pricing, upfront or bid, when you buy specific quantities.
  • Recurring Delivery Discounts – Save when you set up recurring deliveries, similar to subscribe and save.
  • Progressive Discounts – Save based on the volume over 12 months, with Business Prime.

Each of these offers different benefits and different requirements. You need to register for Amazon Business to get these discounts and if you want the Progressive discounts, which stack up over 12 months of ordering across the organization, you need to be an Amazon Business Prime customer.

What you need to know about Amazon Business discounts.

Most users will find the biggest benefit in starting the Amazon Business account to get both business pricing and quantity discounts. These are very easy to get and when you use this link to sign up for Amazon Business you will likely be qualified in under 24 hours. Once you are approved, you can log in and start checking the discounts on items.

While spot-checking the Amazon Business Discounts we see a lot of real savings compared to the standard Amazon pricing and to prices at other retailers. You need to keep an eye out for deals and sales at other places. When looking at different hardware items the business pricing is lower than a regular Amazon price, but Lowes had a sale during the most recent three day weekend.

With the Quantity Discounts, you may see an upfront discount listed, or you might need to enter a quantity and wait to hear back from the seller what the pricing is. With both options, you can expect decent savings.

The Recurring Delivery Discounts help you save on the things your business uses every day when you set up deliveries for consumables. This is like the subscribe and save for businesses.

When you sign up for Amazon Business Prime you can get Progressive Discounts that stack up over 12 months for all the users in your account. If you are using Business Prime across an organization this works for everyone

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