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How to Login with Windows Hello in Windows 10

The majority of features available in Microsoft’s free Windows 10 update are for everyone. The company engineered the update to be this way. You don’t need a new graphics card or motherboard to get the best experience. In fact, Windows 10 runs well on machines design for Windows 7. There is one feature that will require a hardware purchase for most people and its Windows 10’s most exciting new thing: Windows Hello.

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Windows Hello lets any one with the right hardware and Windows 10 login without having to type in a password or even a passcode. Instead, sensors on the device and Windows do all the password management for you.

Before We Begin

To get Windows Hello working in Windows 10 your device needs a sensor that supports the feature. Windows Hello is able to authenticate users with their fingerprint using a fingerprint reader. If your computer already has one, it should have been recognized by Windows 10 soon after the upgrade. You can add USB fingerprint reader to your PC too. Windows Hello also works with cameras to tell who you are by just looking at it, this feature is very similar to what Microsoft does with the Xbox One. In both cases, new devices come with hardware to support Windows Hello already. You can also buy separate sensors if you’d like to keep your device but use Windows Hello.

Here’s how to use Windows Hello in Windows 10 to login without typing in a password or passcode.

Your journey starts with the Windows 10 Start Menu. It’s there that you’ll find a link to the Settings app. Tap on the Windows button in the bottom-left side of your screen or hit the Windows key on your keyboard.

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Tap or click on Settings in the bottom-left corner of the Start Menu. If you’re in what Microsoft calls Tablet Mode, tap the Menu button in the top-left corner of your device then select Settings.

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Welcome to the Settings app. Next tap or click on the Accounts option. It’s in the top row of options on the far right.

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Tap or click on Sign-In Options. It is the second item in the menu on the left side of the Settings app.

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Now here’s the moment of truth. Windows 10 hides menu options that aren’t relevant to your PC, with the idea being that Microsoft doesn’t want to confuse users by showing them options for things their hardware doesn’t support. Windows Hello options will only surface in the Sign-In options screen if your device has the sensors required to support Windows Hello.

To begin setting up Windows Hello in Windows 10, tap on the Set-Up option for the type of device you have. For example, our Microsoft Surface Pro 4 supports Face recognition. This is why we have a Set-Up button under Face in our example.

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The setup process for the sensors are slightly different. Tap or click on Get Started to begin the process for each.

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Now put in the PIN code you were forced to make when you setup your Windows 10 device. If you only created a password, you’ll to supply that password now. Windows 10 could force you to create a PIN Code.

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Setting up Windows Hello is pretty simply for Face. You simply gaze into the camera head-on and it recognizes you. Windows 10 will gather information about your looks on its own.

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Click or tap on Close once the sensor is done learning about you’re the features of your face. Note that if you have glasses, you’ll want to tap on Improve Recognition to go through the process again. This isn’t mandatory, but it’s a very good idea.

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Remember to click the “Automatically unlock the screen if we recognize your face option” once you’ve done the Windows Hello setup.

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Just because you have a device that has either or, doesn’t mean you can’t use the other. For example, every Surface Pro 4 comes with Face login, but users can add a fingerprint reader and use that to log in if they want. Choose the method that’s best for you. You can also decide to login with your passcode too.

You can configure Windows Hello for the entire family, letting everyone skip passwords and login automatically the moment they’re ready to.

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