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How to Play FIFA 21 Early



How to play FIFA 21 early on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The FIFA 21 release date is October 6th, but you can start playing up to a week early with EA Play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You don’t need to splurge on the high-end FIFA 21 edition to do this, but you do need to subscribe to EA Play.

We know that you can play a 10-hour FIFA 21 trial with EA Play, and we are waiting for the exact release date, but expect that it could arrive on October 1st around midnight eastern. This lets you play the new FIFA game without buying it and gives you more access than a FIFA 21 demo.

This is a trial that is limited to 10 hours of game time. This is the same time limit used when the service was EA Access. You get the same time limit across all devices.

EA Play is $5 a month or $30 a year and it includes trials for EA games like Madden 21, FIFA 21, and many others. The price also includes access to the EA Play Vault of games which are full length, no time limit games from the EA catalog. Progress carries over to the final version of the game, so any FUT activity will be there in the final version.

You can buy FIFA 21 at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy, and digitally on the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, Origin, or Steam.

Early FIFA 21 Release Day & Time

The early FIFA 21 release date is October 1st in the U.S. and the timing is pretty early in the day. You can start playing at 11 AM Eastern, 8 AM Pacific.

How to Download the FIFA 21 Trial

You’ll need to sign up for EA Play on your console or PC. The fastest way to do this is to open up the EA Play app on your device and sign up. You can choose a month or a year and then complete the signup. You can also buy this online, but going to your preferred platform is a sure-fire way.

Once the FIFA 21 trial is live, you can find the trial in the EA Play app right on your console or PC. Go to the Trials tab, then choose FIFA 21.

On most systems you can also find the option to download the trial from the main store page, just make sure you are downloading the trial, and not buying the game if you’ve already purchased it on a disc.

We don’t know the exact size, but in previous years, FIFA download sizes were close to 40GB, so plan accordingly.

FIFA 21 Trial Bonus

What you get when you play FIFA 21 early.

When you play FIFA 21 with the EA Play trial you get some bonus items with EA Play and more bonus items with EA Play Pro.

Everyone gets access to Start of Season XP Boosts for FUT and recurring FUT Kits and stadium customizations throughout the season. EA Play Pro members also get to play the Ultimate Edition with Ultimat Team objectives early.

FIFA 21 Trial Limits

You can only play FIFA 21 for 10 hours. This is an option to let you try out FIFA to see if you like the game enough to buy it. This is not a way for you to play FIFA 21 for an unlimited amount of time or to replace a purchase.

When you finish playing the trial each time you should close the game from the dashboard. This will prevent you from losing any time with the game running in the background.

We’ve seen users create multiple Xbox Live accounts to subscribe to EA Play on multiple accounts and play for longer than 10 hours in the past, but this is expensive and not really worth it for most players.

No FIFA 21 Trial Pre-Load

There is typically no way to pre-load the FIFA 21 trial, but the EA_Cade, a community manager says, that it is possible. Here are the platforms that you can do this on.

  • You are on Origin and have EA Play or EA Play Pro.
  • You are on Xbox and have EA Play or a preorder of FIFA 21.

This will take a while depending on your connection. The good news is that this is a pre-load for the full game, so if you buy on disc or choose to buy the full game digitally you will only need to download a smaller update instead of getting the full game all over again.

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