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How to Remove the Emergency Call Button on Android’s Lockscreen



In this guide we’ll show you how to remove the “Emergency Call” button from your Android’s lock screen. This prevents all those accidental touches or pocket dialing 911. If you have a password, pin, fingerprint or any screen security enabled, you’ll see the big Emergency Call button on your screen.

Android devices have instant access to make a 911 call if needed, without fumbling with codes or passwords. All manufacturers display a big button to skip right to the phone call should a situation call for it.

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And while this makes a lot of sense and sounds like a great feature, it’s more of a hassle than anything. We’ve heard stories of pocket dialing 911, or users complain about the placement and say they hit it on accident all the time and have to quickly cancel the call. If so, here’s how to get rid of the emergency button.

The “Emergency Call” button placement is the biggest problem for most people. It’s either right in the middle of the screen front and center, or at the bottom near the home button or fingerprint scanner. Obviously getting rid of this comes with a few risks. No one really plans for an emergency, but if one occurs you’ll probably wish you had that button.

As long as you’re fine with the potential risks, here’s a few ways to get rid of the ‘Emergency Call” button on your Android lock screen.

How to Remove Emergency Call Button from Android Lockscreen

If you root your Android phone there are a few different options. However, for everyone else, the easiest method is downloading a new lock screen replacement app.

Yes, an app from the Google Play Store that completely replaces your lockscreen and all of its options with something else. As a benefit, these apps typically have more features and customization than your phone, too, plus it gets rid of the “Emergency Call” button.

Some of our favorite lockscreen replacements apps are SnapLock Smart Lock, or Hi Locker, as well as a few others we’ll link to below.

Snaplock and Hi both work pretty similarly, but if they aren’t your style we recommend Next lockscreen, Echo Notification screen, AcDisplay, or ZUI Locker. All of these recommendations work great as a lock screen replacement. These apps either don’t have the emergency call button or give you an option to disable it.

Simply install the new lockscreen app and get it all set up. Make sure you disable your old lockscreen security measure, otherwise you’ll get greeted by two when you try to use your phone. Now, go to unlock the device and that pesky “Emergency Call” button will be gone.

Remove Emergency Call Button for Root Users

If you’re the type that enjoys tweaking and changing your phone, you’ve probably rooted it. If so, you can easily get rid of this emergency button with a Xposed Module

This is just one of multiple different ways to complete this task with an Xposed Module. The tweakbox is one of our favorites though. Along with xSense and a few others.

Again, it’s worth noting that these instructions will completely remove the emergency call button. It will no longer get in the way or get tapped on accident. However, in case of an emergency, you’ll need to enter a pin or password before you can make a phone call. Keep that in mind.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Heather

    06/28/2019 at 11:37 am

    You can still dial the phone fron the lock screen though. It kinda makes the emergency buttob redundan amd stupid. The apps are really unreliable and buggy.

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