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How to Save Instagram Live Videos



In an effort to take on Snapchat and other social networks, Instagram added video live-streaming back in November of 2016. Letting users stream videos live to followers, which then disappears at the end. In this guide we’ll explain how to save Instagram live videos after recording.

Similar to Snapchat, these live videos can be broadcast to followers and then disappears once it has been viewed. Until now, it was streaming live and then gone forever. Recently though, Instagram has released an update allowing users to save any and all live videos.

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Once a stream is over the live video still disappears, but at the end the owner has the option to hit done, or download and save it to their device or camera roll. Below are a few more details and instructions on how to save your live videos.

Save your Instagram Live Videos

Now roughly three months after announcing the new Snapchat-like feature, Instagram is expanding it to be even more useful for its users. A lot of live video is broadcast during sporting events, family get-togethers or other special occasions. Which was nice, but some wanted to keep those videos once they’re over. Especially if something exciting or memorable happened.

With Facebook or Periscope the videos can be watched later, but never on Instagram. They instantly are gone forever, but not anymore. It’s now officially an option right inside the app. For those who haven’t noticed it already, here are the instructions to save your Instagram live video streams.


  • Start broadcasting a live video like usual
  • Share whatever you planned to show with followers
  • End the live video broadcast
  • Now, hit the new downward facing arrow and “Save” button on the top right
  • Save to your device, hit done

As you can see from the image above, it’s pretty self explanatory. Instagram has a great user friendly interface, and this is one more addition. Rather than ending a live video and just continuing on, users can then select to save it to the device.

It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to save the video. Not any of the likes or comments that were displayed on-screen during the airing. Of course it will no longer be in the app, as they disappear, but you’ll have a copy of the events forever if you choose.

According to Instagram this new feature is available now in both the Android and iOS app, or available via an update from your respective app store. More details on live-streaming video and save features can be found here. While you’re at it, check out these 8 common Instagram problems and fixes.

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