8 Common Instagram Problems and Fixes

Whether Instagram is down or you are just having a bad day, you are bound to run into Instagram problems. Here’s a walkthrough of how to fix Instagram Problems in 2017, so you can share your photos and watch your favorite Instagram stories.

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There are two major causes of most Instagram problems. The first is that Instagram is down or there is a problem with your Internet connection. The second is that something is wrong with your Instagram app, which may cause the app to crash or simply stop you from posting to Instagram.

Is Instagram Down?

Check to see if Instagram is down.
Check to see if Instagram is down.

The first thing to do is check to see if Instagram is down. Although it rarely happens for everyone at the same time, there are short periods where Instagram is offline due to a problem with Instagram servers.

You can check to see if this is happening on Twitter and on Down Detector. On both sites, you will see user reports of Instagram problems and exactly what they are seeing. There is no official Instagram Help Twitter account, so don’t share any details with an Instagram account on Twitter if you are looking for help. You can check to see if the official Instagram account posted any status updates about downtime, but this doesn’t always happen.

How to Fix Instagram Problems

How to fix Instagram problems fast.
How to fix Instagram problems fast.

What’s the first thing to do when you have Instagram problems? Thankfully we have a short list of three things you can do to fix most Instagram problems in under 5 minutes.

Step 1. Restart your iPhone, Android or tablet. Hold the power button and turn it off. Wait at least 15 seconds on the iPhone and a minute on Android phones before you turn the device back on.

Step 2. Uninstall Instagram and Reinstall. The next thing to try is deleting Instagram from your phone or tablet and reinstalling it. You need to know your password since you will need to sign in again for this to work. Your photos and profile are safe on Instagram.

On the iPhone or iPad, hold down on the app until you see a small x. Tap on the x to uninstall the app. Find Instagram in the app store and reinstall it.

On Android you need to go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Instagram. Tap on Uninstall. Go to the Google Play Store and find Instagram to reinstall.

Step 3. Check Your Internet Connection. You should try on cellular and on WiFi. You can also try to turn Airplane mode on and then off. This can reset issues with your connection. You may want to try this before you uninstall the app.

How to Fix Instagram Posting Problems

You may run into a problem posting photos to Instagram or even leaving comments and liking photos. If you’ve been on a spree of uploading, liking and commenting, you may have bumped into an anti-spam limit that is meant to protect the community.

How to fix Instagram posting problems.
How to fix Instagram posting problems.

Check your signal to see if you can do other things online. If you can access other websites and apps then you may need to continue troubleshooting Instagram. If you have issues with other services, or they are slow, you can try connecting to WiFi or turning airplane mode on and off.

The next thing to do is see if you can upload from a second Instagram account. If you don’t have one of those you should try to sign into Instagram using a browser on your phone or computer and then change something small in your bio. This can fix the problem and allow you to start posting to Instagram again.

If Instagram crashes when you try to upload a photo, you should restart your phone to see if that solves the problem. If all else fails, you can contact Instagram for more help and see if there is a problem with your account.

How to Fix Instagram Login Problems

How to fix Instagram login problems.
How to fix Instagram login problems.

When you can’t login to Instagram it’s a major problem for you, but it is something that you can easily fix. The first thing to do is re-type your username and password and attempt to log in again. You can also try this on your computer.

In the app on iPhone or Android, you can choose to send an SMS or Log in with Facebook on Android or to send Login link on iPhone. This will help you log in with the right credentials easily.

A common issue that you run into when you try to reset your Instagram password is that you don’t have the right email account linked. If you have Facebook and Instagram you can reset your password with Facebook, which is an easy option for many users.

If your Instagram password reset email doesn’t work, you can try sending it again, and then make sure you don’t add any extra spaces to the link if you copy and paste it.

How to Fix Instagram Problems with Facebook Permissions

If you accidentally delete Instagram from your Facebook account you may not be able to post from Instagram to Facebook. You can try these steps to re-connect Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Delete Facebook and Instagram from your phone.
  2. Go to Facebook Settings and remove Instagram permissions.
  3. Install Facebook and Instagram, then connect the two services.

If your photos are showing up on the Newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram are aware of the problem and working on a fix.

If friends can’t see your Instagram posts on Facebook you may need to change these Facebook Instagram permissions.

In cases where you see an error that your Instagram Photo album is full on Facebook, you can change the name of your current Instagram album on Facebook and a new one will appear when you share to Facebook again.

How to Fix Instagram Tagging Problems

How to fix Instagram tag problems in comments and photos.
How to fix Instagram tag problems in comments and photos.

There are a number of Instagram tagging problems that include not being able to tag friends in photos and problems with blocked Instagram hashtags that can prevent your image from appearing in searches.

If you can tag someone in your photo, but they are no longer tagged later they may be removing the tag. You can untag yourself from a photo by tapping on the photo, then on your name and then on More Options where you will see an option for Remove Me from Photo.

When you cannot add more hashtags to a post or paste in a large number of hashtags you may need to limit this to 25 or fewer hashtags per comment or post. Using too many hashtags is likely a spam flag and Instagram may be blocking this.

How to Appeal Your Instagram Account Disabled

If you log in to Instagram and see that your account is disabled you have broken a community guideline or the terms of use. Or at least your account raised the flags that triggered this.

When you log in you may be able to appeal an Instagram disabled punishment. There will be directions in your app to do this from your phone. There is no guarantee that you can recover your account if this happens to you.

Instagram Comment Problems

You may need to update your Instagram profile to fix some problems.
You may need to update your Instagram profile to fix some problems.

There are Instagram comment problems where you cannot comment on popular Instagram accounts with a newer account or you cannot tag multiple users in the same comment.

This is all due to Instagram cracking down on spammers. If your profile looks like a spammer based on your profile picture or bio link and you are constantly tagging people or only commenting on popular accounts you may run into comment problems.

Louise M shares a strategy to gain back the ability to comment. It boils down to use Instagram like a normal user, not a spammer. Check out the information towards the bottom of the post, but ignore the instructions to reset your iPhone network settings.

How to Report Instagram Problems

How to report Instagram problems.
How to report Instagram problems.

If you run into other Instagram problems you can’t fix, you can message Instagram from inside the app. Go to your profile and then tap on settings by tapping three dots on Android or the gear on iPhone. Scroll down and tap on Report a problem. Choose Something isn’t working and type out what is wrong with Instagram on your phone.

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  1. Koko

    03/15/2017 at 10:21 am

    I have been having a tech issue on Instagram the past month and a half, never got a reply from Instagram and the issue continues to happen.

    Under Recent Activity, YOU tab is not loading. Meaning: I don’t see who likes, comments or starts following me.

    I am getting crazy.


  2. kelly

    04/26/2017 at 6:00 am

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  3. Shahy

    05/08/2017 at 12:48 pm

    I had a problem .. When I tag a particular person i press the tag button, choose the name and when I press share, the tag is invisible I can’t see it on the photo and this continued to happen when tagging the same person in other photos, putting in consideration that i can mention him but can’t see this photo on his tagged photos “or “photos of you ” of his account as well.
    Please advise.. Noting that I’m not blocked by this person , i can interact very well on his page.


    • Patricia

      07/20/2017 at 12:01 am

      Yeah I’m have the same problem, only that I can’t tag popular accounts on my posts but I can tag regular accounts. How do I fix this?!


  4. Neeraj

    05/15/2017 at 6:15 am

    When I use my second account , suddenly I can view only 15 posts of my own page or any one elses page. It stops me from scrolling further !!! but If I log in from the browser , i can see all my posts and everyone elses too.

    Does anyone have any idea how to resolve this? Cause Instagram don’t seem to respond to any issue.


  5. Tina teague

    09/17/2017 at 3:39 pm

    PLEASE HELP! When I scroll down my followers list, it randomly pops back to my profile pages!!
    I HAVE REPORTED THIS PROBLEM DAILY FOR ABOUT A WEEK. With NO RESPONSE!!!! Why won’t someone respond to my problem!! On Facebook, I noticed it’s happening their too! I NEED THIS FIXED!!!


  6. Ramu

    10/27/2017 at 12:54 pm

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  7. Elaine Radiss

    02/03/2018 at 5:23 am

    I can no longer export images from Dropbox into Instagram.


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