How to Sign Up for the Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo Beta

If you want to try the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo update right now you’ll need to signup for the Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta update is ready to roll. The initial release will be limited to a select group, but the software might expand to other regions in the future.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users looking to try the Android 8.0 Oreo update ahead of its official release will need to signup for Samsung’s beta program. Signing up for the beta only takes a few moments and it will put you in line to try Samsung’s new software in November, weeks before it’s officially release for Galaxy S8 models around the world.

If you wish to participate in the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta, you first need to download the Samsung Members app, known as Samsung+ in North America.

You can download the appropriate app via the Galaxy Apps store or through the Google Play Store.

Before you install the Galaxy S8 Android Oreo beta you’ll want to backup all of your files. You’ll want to use Samsung’s Smart Switch (which the company recently updated to support Android 8.0 Oreo) to backup your important data. Beta testers are also strongly encouraged to download the latest app updates.

After you backup your files and install the proper app on your Galaxy S8, launch the Samsung+ application and submit your Galaxy Beta Program application form through the Registration menu at the top of the app. If the beta isn’t live in your region or for your device, you won’t see this option.

If you have a Samsung Account and meet all of Samsung’s participation criteria, the registration process will complete. If you don’t have a Samsung account, you can create a new one through Samsung’s website.

After you finish up the Galaxy Beta Program registration process, you’ll want to head into your Settings and go to Software update > download updates. If the beta is available, you’ll be able to manually install the update to your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. If nothing is there, you’ll need to remain patient.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Android 8.0 Oreo beta will land, at least initially, in the United States, the United Kingdom and Korea.

In South Korea, the Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 beta program is available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users who have a device locked to SKT, KT or LG U+.

In the United States, it’s available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users using Sprint or T-Mobile, or an unlocked version of either device. No word on a beta for AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S8 users.

In the United Kingdom, the program is available for Galaxy S8 and S8+ users who have an open market device (operator unlocked version).

Samsung says there will be additional rounds of registration, but it hasn’t provided a timeline for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ users.

Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 beta testers are showcasing the update for the first time and Samsung’s next update is loaded with new features, tweaks, and other changes including Samsung Experience 9.0.

Redditor thesbros managed to download the Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta and he’s released several screenshots depicting the build number and some of the update’s features which include new emoji characters.

He’s also answering questions about the update’s performance and it looks like it’s smoother than the Galaxy S8’s Android 7.0 Nougat update. Of course, this is just one person’s experience.

Android betas are always plagued with bugs and performance issues and we expect Samsung’s first stab at Android 8.0 Oreo to be riddled with issues.

If you do see issues with the software, make sure you report it back to Samsung so its engineers can improve the software for the final release.

It’s unclear how long the Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo beta period will last. Last year, the company’s Android Nougat beta stretched from early November into late December ahead of an official release for the Galaxy S7 in early January.

The company hasn’t revealed an official roll out date for Android 8.0 Oreo, but Samsung Turkey recently confirmed plans to release Android 8.0 Oreo starting in early 2018.

4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta & 9 Reasons You Should

Install the Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta to Help Samsung

Install the Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta to Help Samsung

One of the best reasons to try the Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo beta is to help the company improve the software before it's released to millions of Galaxy S8 users around the world. 

If you're sick and tired of dealing with Android problems on your Galaxy S8 (or another device), and you've got a Galaxy S8 lying around, think about trying the Galaxy S8 Oreo beta. 

Samsung is encouraging Galaxy S8 Oreo beta testers to provide feedback about Android 8.0 bugs and performance issues. This way, its engineers can squash bugs ahead of the widespread release. 

Reporting bugs is extremely easy and your feedback, no matter how small, could help the company provide a much better experience for all Galaxy S8 users.

To send feedback, you simply launch Samsung+/Samsung Members and post your report under the appropriate menu. 

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