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How to Take a Screenshot on the Galaxy S7



Samsung’s newly improved Galaxy S7 and bigger Galaxy S7 Edge are finally available in the United States and around the globe, and that means millions of users are getting one. One question we constantly get with each new phone is about screenshots. Here we’ll explain how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

Announced in February and released on March 11th, Samsung’s two new smartphones have a lot to offer. From a premium design, big battery options, a micro-SD card for expandable storage and IP68 water-resistance. As a result the Galaxy S7 could be the first Samsung or Android device for millions of owners. Which means you’ll have lots of questions.

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This trick is an old one, but one that many consumers want to learn right away and start enjoying on their new phone. The Galaxy S7 screenshot function can be done in two different ways, which have both been available for years and years. A few buttons or swipes of the wrist is all it takes, so read on to find out how.


Anyone that has used a Samsung Galaxy device in the past few years will be right at home and probably won’t even need to search how. That said, if you’re an Android convert leaving the iPhone or never owned a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, these quick tips will show you both ways to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S7, and extended screenshots of entire websites, emails and more.

For those confused, a screenshot (or screencap, screengrab) is essentially our smartphones capturing and saving whatever is on the screen. This can then be edited or cropped to get exactly what you want, and comes in extremely handy for a variety of uses.


Taking and saving a screenshot is very easy on Samsung smartphones. All owners need to do is push and hold both the power and hardware home button (fingerprint scanner) at the same time.

Briefly push and hold both buttons and let go, and you’ll see and hear the screenshot capture. That’s it. The phone saves whatever was being displayed, and can be accessed from the gallery. By default a setting is enabled under “Advanced settings” called “Smart capture” which shows additional information after a screenshot. Like instantly taking another screenshot (down an entire email or webpage) or instantly crop and share it. See the options on the bottom of the right screenshot below.


These features are nice to have, but get in the way of taking multiple screenshots quickly. As it causes a little pop-up of options to appear. Head into settings and disable that if you’d like, but that means owners can’t take bigger screenshots using the “capture more” button.

Thankfully there is also a second method that’s even easier, although I find myself using the above method the most. Samsung has neat gestures with its phones for a screenshot. Just swipe the edge of your hand across the entire display to capture a screenshot. You’ve probably done this on accident and didn’t know how, but it’s a feature. See the image below for an idea of what we mean.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 11.23.54 AM

It works in either direction, and may take a few tries before you master the technique. Once figured out owners can snap a copy of the display in seconds, and share it with ease. Most just use the power+home button combo for screenshots on Samsung devices.

The image will be in the notification pulldown bar to instantly tap and share, or edit as well. However if you swipe it away and need it later, these images can be found in the gallery app under screenshots.

If you happen to notice you’re taking screen shots accidentally, or just don’t want to use the palm-swipe method here’s how to turn it off. Settings > Device > Advanced features > Palm swipe to capture > and toggle the on/off button.

Screenshots are very handy and something many use on a daily basis. That’s all owners need to know. Press both power and home at the same time and let do, or use the palm gesture motion detailed above. It’s that easy, and only takes a few seconds. Enjoy the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

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