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How to Turn On Fortnite 2FA & Get a Free Gift



Epic Games is here with an epic free gift when you turn on Fortnite 2FA to secure your Fortnite account. When you turn on this awesome security feature you get a free Heartspan Glider system. You need to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and then you can send the Heartspan glider to a friend with the new FOrtnite gifting system.

We’ll show you how to turn on Fortnite 2FA, why you should and then what to do so that you can get the free Heartspan glider in Fortnite. This takes about 2 minutes to setup if you already use two factor authentication, and it may take a little longer if you’ve never used it with another service, since you will need to download a free 2FA app.

With this enabled no one will be able to get into your Fornite account or Epic Games account without having access to your phone, email or your backup codes. We highly recommend using this type of security on important accounts including your email and your Epic Games account, especially if you spend a lot of time in the game or a lot of money in Fortnite. You will need to use this  two factor authentication anytime you log in to Fortnite, but not every time you play Fortnite.

How to Turn On Fortnite 2FA

This takes about 2-5 minutes to complete and you can do this on your phone or on a computer like we are. It’s easier if you do it on a computer or tablet so that you can scan the QR code part of the way into the process. You can also choose to use Epic Games 2FA through email, instead of an app. Either way, the system will send you or show you a six digit code to login with. The code changes every 30 seconds or so, which makes it impossible for someone else to login to your account.

  1. Go to the Fortnite 2FA settings at
  2. Login to your account
  3. Click Password & Security & Scroll down if you aren’t Already at the Two Factor Authentication section
  4. Click on Enable Authenticator App or Email Enable Email Authentication
  5. If you choose the app, you need to download an Authenticator app like Google Authenticator, Lastpass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or another app. These apps are free.
  6. In the app add a new site and scan the QR code shown on the screen
  7. Now verify that it works by entering a code from the app into the setup page.

If this is successful you will see a message saying this and you will get a list of backup codes that you can use to login with if something goes wrong.

Setup Fortnite 2FA with an app or with email.

Setup Fortnite 2FA with an app or with email.

For users that want to use the email Authentication option, you can follow these instructions. Your email needs to be verified to use any of these options.

  1. Click Enable Email Authentication
  2. Check your email for a code
  3. Enter that code in the setup screen.

Once that is complete you are ready to go, and anytime you login going forward, you will need to enter the code sent to your email. Both of these options make your Epic Games account more secure and both allow you to use the new gifting system to send a Heartspan glider to a friend. Once they set it up, they can send you a glider. So share this article with them and have them get started.



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