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How to Use the Secret Spock Emoji on iPhone



There is a Spock Emoji in iOS 8.3, but it is hidden and not part of the new emojis that appear on the iPhone keyboard like the new skin tones and the Apple Watch. You’ll need to add a shortcut to the Spock Emoji if you want to send the live long and proper sign.

This new live long and prosper emoji only works on iOS 8.3, if you send it to a user on an older device they will see a square or a square with an alien on it.

Spock, or Mr. Spock, is a well-known character in Star Trek played by Leonard Nimoy and recently by Zachary Quinto. The trademark hand gesture is a Vulcan Salute, which is often accompanied by “Live Long and Prosper.”

Add the secret Spock emoji to your iphone on iOS 8.3.

Add the secret Spock emoji to your iPhone on iOS 8.3.

You can call this the Spock Emoji or the Vulcan Salute emoji, but whatever you call it you will need to use this iOS 8.3 trick to unlock the secret Vulcan Salute emoji because Apple does not include it in the new emoji keyboard.

Here’s what you need to do to make sure you can send the Spock Emoji from the iPhone or iPad without constantly copying and pasting all the time. There is already an official Vulcan Salute emoji, but until the iOS 8.3 update it did not appear on the iPhone or iPad correctly.

How to Use the Spock Emoji Vulcan Salute

The first thing you’ll need to do is copy the Spock emoji on your iPhone or iPad. Don’t bother looking in the new emoji keyboard, as there is no Vulcan Salute emoji shown. Unlike the other gestures that let you change the skin tone, you cannot change the color of the Spock emoji the same way as you can many of the new emoji but the iPhone can show multiple colors.

This is how you can make a shortcut to insert the Spock emoji or the Vulcan Salute emoji on your iPhone or iPad. Once you add this you can start to type the shortcut and the keyboard will show the new emoji in the suggestions for you.

View the Tweet above on your iPhone or copy this image on your iPhone 🖖

Go to the iPhone keyboard settings.

Go to the iPhone keyboard settings.

Open Settings on the iPhone and then go to General.

On this screen tap on Keyboards and then on Shortcuts.

Add the Spock emoji shortcut.

Add the Spock emoji shortcut.

Tap plus in the upper right to add a new iPhone keyboard shortcut. Tap in Phrase and then tap again to see the Paste option. Paste the emoji in now. Add a shortcut that you can remember. Tap Save.

Save your Spock emoji shortcut so you can use it anytime you want.

Save your Spock emoji shortcut so you can use it anytime you want.

That’s all there is to add the new Spock emoji to your iPhone. To use the Vulcan Salute emoji you just type your shortcut into any text. Keep in mind that not everyone can see the new Spock emoji. As long as the person you send it to is on iOS 8.3 they will be able to see it though, even if they don’t use this guide.

Check out the rest of the new iOS 8.3 features below to see what else Apple delivers with the iOS 8.3 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is available on the iPhone 4s and newer, iPad 2 and newer and the iPod touch.

iOS 8.3 vs iOS 8.2: What’s New in iOS 8.3

New iPhone Emoji in iOS 8.3

New iPhone Emoji in iOS 8.3

Apple adds over 300 new iPhone emoji in iOS 8.3. There are new Emoji like the Apple Watch and a new Mac, but most users will focus on the addition of more family choices including more kids, families of two men or two women and now there is an option to change the skin tone of many emoji.

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With this update you can tap and hold to choose the skin tone of an emoji icon for many emoji options and then tap to pick the color option. Tap and hold on a new color option to make it the default.

The iOS 8.3 emoji keyboard for iPhone now offers continuous scrolling so it is easier to scroll through the emoji options and find the ones you want.



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