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How To Watch Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 Press Conference



Today at 9:30 a.m. PT/12:30 p.m. ET Microsoft will take the stage at E3 in Los Angeles to talk about the games it will have for the Xbox One at launch, but you don’t have to be press to watch the event.

As the first major press conference of E3 2013 Microsoft’s event will stream online and on TV to those gamers who aren’t too put off by the company’s used games policies and DRM. The presentation will feature a number of games (as many as 20 according to GamesTrailers’ Geoff Keighley) for the new console, presumably including many of the 15 exclusives titles Microsoft promised at the Xbox One reveal event.

The presentation will also feature a major announcement about the Xbox 360 for gamers who want to keep the current system around.

Those interested in watching the Microsoft E3 press conference have many options at their disposal.

Xbox One E3 press conference


Gamers can watch the Microsoft press conference online from almost any device easily. Microsoft will stream the event on for everyone, including mobile users. The website will stream the event along with Twitter commentary about the event.

The E3 Insider website will also livestream Microsoft’s press conference, though it will only work on machines that run Flash. The E3 website will also stream EA, Ubisoft and Sony press conferences later in the day.

Video game websites such as GameSpot and Polygon will also host their own stream of the event.

Xbox 360

Anyone with an Xbox 360 that’s connected to the Internet can watch the press conference through their console. The event will show up on the Xbox 360 dashboard for all users, making it very easy to access. Gamers with a Kinect may want to disconnect the accessory before the presentation starts. During the Xbox One reveal many gamers reported their Kinect responded to commands Microsoft employees made on stage.

Spike TV

Like the Xbox One reveal Spike TV will show the Microsoft E3 press conference as it happen on TV. This option is great for those who don’t trust livestreams or who don’t have fast enough Internet connections. Spike will also have a pre- and post-show featuring Geoff Keighley who recently teased more exclusive game details will come on both shows.

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