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How to Watch the State of the Union Live



The State of the Union address will take place at 9pm ET tonight when President Barack Obama will address Congress about the current state of the country. He’ll most likely talk about many hot button issues that have come up over the past year, like net neutrality and bringing faster broadband internet to more areas of the US.

Pretty much all major television networks will air the State of the Union address, including CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC, and you’ll also be able to watch the followup response from the Republican party right afterward.

However, if you can’t be around a television when the State of the Union address comes on, you can catch it on your mobile device or computer and stream it live. It’s perhaps even better than the televised version, as the live stream will be an “enhanced broadcast.”

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YouTube will once again host the live stream of the 2015 State of the Union address, which means it will be really easy for iPhone, iPad and Android users to watch the live stream on their devices, as YouTube live stream generally perform really well, as long as you have a solid internet connection that can keep up with the live stream.

2015 State of the Union Live Stream

To watch the 2015 State of the Union address, you can point your web browser on your computer to the White House website to see a special enhanced version of the State of the Union address. The enhanced broadcast will feature a split-screen view, with charts, graphs and other data shown next to President Obama as he delivers his speech and discusses the important issues facing our nation.

Below is last year’s live stream of the State of the Union address, and it provides you with a great example of what to expect this year, with the split-screen enhanced broadcast. Be sure to skip to the around 5:13:50 mark to begin watching last year’s address.

Below is the live stream to this year’s State of the Union address. It’s inactive right now, but it will go live a bit before 9pm ET tonight, so be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it later tonight to get instant access to the live stream video.

Furthermore, to watch the State of the Union on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can download the YouTube app and search for “State of the Union” to watch the live stream of the yearly address. You can also go to the White House’s YouTube channel to find the live stream there, as well as a Spanish version of it.

You can also follow along with the State of the Union on Twitter by following the hashtag #SOTU, especially if you want to know the thoughts from other folks watching the address, like comedians, celebrities and even friends and family.

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