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HTC Android 9 Pie Update Details



Here’s what you need to know about HTC Android Pie updates, and when you might get it. Google released Android 9 Pie way back in August of 2018, and here a year later a lot of HTC phones still don’t have it. If you’re wondering, “Will my HTC phone get Android 9” here’s what we know.

Sadly HTC is still staying mostly silent about software updates. Last year the company confirmed at least three devices would get the new update, but it’s now almost September of 2019 and we’ve only seen a few arrive. Google’s Android 9 update is loaded with new features, smart controls, and more. Unfortunately, most are still waiting to get or try those features, even on the eve of the Android Q release.

We know at least four HTC phones will get a slice of Pie soon, and the first update arrived at the end of November. Then, popular smartphones from all major manufacturers will get a free update to Android 9 Pie sometime here in 2019, eventually, maybe, hopefully. The image above promised June updates, but that was only for Taiwan models, and not those in the US or elsewhere.

Will My HTC Phone Get Android 9 Pie?

HTC is still staying relatively quiet although they shared some information in March and then finally revealed when the latest phone will get Pie. Simply posting to Twitter confirming the delays and that they’re still working on Pie. And last year they confirmed the HTC U11 Life and U12+ will get Android 9 Pie first, and a few others will follow.

While they haven’t released a full list of supported devices, we do have a good idea of what phones will get it first. We’re hoping these aren’t the only phones that will get it.

  • HTC U12+ (Starting in June) (Finally hitting US models on August 21st, 2019)
  • HTC U11 (Rolling out(No US release, yet)
  • HTC U11+ (Late June in some regions) (the US still waiting)
  • HTC U11 Life (Android One) (Available Nov 29th)

As you can see above, HTC confirmed the update for four smartphones. However, they have a ton of other phones we think should get the update. We believe they’ll add more phones to this list in 2019. If you don’t get Android 9 will you be upset? Let us know what phone you have and what you think in the comment section below.

Typically devices get updates for around 2 years from the day it’s released. Not to mention Google requires 18 months of support from manufacturers.

HTC Android 9 Update Release Dates

Your next question is like regarding when the update is coming, followed by what to expect or what’s new. Sadly, we don’t have any new info about when you’ll actually get Android Pie for most of these phones.

Basically, whenever they get around to it. That post is from August 10th. Now, over nine months later as the Android Q update nears, HTC just posted again on Twitter, basically saying they’re still “ensuring the update is compatible with HTC phones”. That is a sad response and one that has owners frustrated.

In previous years HTC promised updates within 90 days, or before the end of the year, and delivered on those promises. And when Google bought the hardware division we thought that would help updates come quicker. Instead, they’re taking even longer. They went from delivering updates within 90 days, to taking almost 11-12 months here in 2018-19.

Most HTC owners will be waiting until summer, or later, especially for carrier models. HTC’s latest and greatest HTC U12+ from 2018 that was meant to compete with the Galaxy S9 and iPhone Xs won’t see Pie until late June, and even longer in the US.

No software update should take nearly a year to arrive, HTC, none.

HTC Android 9 Betas

There’s a small chance we’ll see some Android P or Android 9 beta programs from HTC, but that too is unknown. We’ve seen betas from them in the past, but not very many. So while we can guarantee a beta program from Motorola, Samsung, and even OnePlus, HTC remains quiet.

Don’t get your hopes up folks.

What’s New in Android 9 Pie

There are lots of new Android 9.0 features that you can use to do more with your phone and tablet. Users will enjoy bundled and smarter notifications, auto-fill improvements, and tons of “smart” features throughout. Not to mention new gesture navigation controls, digital wellbeing options, Google Assistant improvements, themes, and support for the notch. That’s on top of the usual performance and battery life changes.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of everything that’s new. Then, we’ve also compared it to Android 8 Oreo for those interested.

Additionally, we expect HTC will add some exciting new features of their own on top of Android 9. Whether that’s improving current options, or making them better with the help of Pie. Then, expect any and all HTC OS update to have a few improvements, bug fixes, and more on top of everything else detailed above.

Final Thoughts & What’s Next

Right now, almost every new HTC phone from the last few two years is running Android 8.0 Oreo update. They only have a few phones on the market, and most of them are eligible to receive Pie. The thing, though, is that Google’s getting ready to release the Android Q update any day now. We’ve been enjoying the Android Q beta since March. Potentially putting HTC phones an entire update and year behind.

Either way, the only thing we can confirm so far is that HTC still plans on updating most of its phones to Android 9 Pie. That all started with the HTC U11 Life, which is part of the Android One program which ensures timely updates for beta devices. The regular HTC U11, U12, and U12+ got it in Taiwan, but most devices in other regions, like the US, are still waiting or just now getting it a year later.

If we had to guess, the four HTC phones mentioned at the top of this post will get Android 9 Pie updates within the next 1-3 months, but don’t be surprised if we see another delay.



  1. Bernie Carey

    12/28/2018 at 10:44 am

    Just bought an HTC U12 life from HTC…is there any word of this phone receiving the Android Pie update and if not, why the U11 life?

  2. Badan

    05/05/2019 at 2:06 am

    My next smartphone will not be a HTC because of this update issue.

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