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HTC Incredible S Goes On Sale Early



Despite the debacle with Best Buy over the release date of the HTC Thunderbolt 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon Wireless in the U.S., HTC is finding better reception in the UK mobile market as online retailer will be offering the HTC Incredible S, which had debuted at Mobile World Congress, starting today. The handset, which is a refreshed upgrade of the original HTC Droid Incredible that launched on Verizon Wireless, will now cross the Atlantic as a GSM Android smartphone complete with HTC Sense. At release, however, the Incredible S will only be running on Android 2.2 Froyo, but HTC is promising an upgrade later to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is the latest build of Android for smartphones and could be found on Google’s own flagships the Nexus S and the older Nexus One.

The Incredible S now takes on an aluminum body, but maintains the ridged back cover design with concave lines, perhaps a tribute to Android’s mechanical and geeky feel, of the original Droid Incredible. However, HTC has added a soft touch coating on top of the aluminum.

The updated 1 GHz single-core CPU and 4.1-inch screen handset was originally scheduled for a release in April. Given the recent excitement over Android with tablets like Motorola’s Xoom and devices like the Atrix 4G, Inspire 4G, and Thunderbolt in the U.S. market, The HTC Incredible S’s earlier release date will serve it well, and here’s to hoping that it may inspire Best Buy to stop pushing back the release date of the Thunderbolt, a 4G LTE Android smartphone made by HTC for Verizon Wireless.

Via: Pocket-lint



  1. susan

    02/25/2011 at 3:10 pm

    Best Buy pushing back on the sale of the Thunderbolt? Where did you get that non-sense from?

    • Buck

      02/25/2011 at 3:20 pm

      Just what I was thinking! You think Best Buy, who has been chomping at the bit to start moving these things like hotcakes, has anything to do with the delay??

    • fear is the mindkiller

      02/25/2011 at 3:25 pm

      Its most likely the 4th of March now.. It was the 10th, 14th, 24th, and then the 28th.. I think HTC is in some behind the scene troubles with CRAPple, since their new crap book has something called “Thunderbolt” attached to it.. Just a hunch. Its HTCs phone. When THEY want it launched, THEY launch it.. Best Buy are morons anyways.. No way should HTC ever do an exclusive with 1 store ever again.

    • phinn

      02/25/2011 at 3:50 pm

      I can’t imagine wanting that bulky ugly Thunderbolt after seeing this more compact, lighter, sleeker Incredible S.

      • NotBobDole

        02/25/2011 at 5:50 pm

        I can’t imagine buying a new phone right now that doesn’t have 4G.

        • Connor Krusleski

          03/15/2011 at 4:54 am

          both the incredible s and thunderbolt have 4g

  2. Alexander Stavros

    02/25/2011 at 3:43 pm

    To Verizon Management-
    Your company is embarrassing itself in regards to the handling of the HTC Thunderbolt release. There is no need to reply to this message but I advise you to simply take a deep breath, stop for a minute and ask for input from non-employees like your immediate family and co-worker friends. This approach will give you the least unbiased views regarding the fiasco surrounding Verizon’s so called “Release Date.” Unfazed? Ok, take a couple of minutes and read the many hundreds of blurbs on the world wide-web.

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