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HTC ThunderBolt Power Button Problems Solved with WidgetLocker App



The HTC ThunderBolt is a pretty amazing phone, but for some users, the power button is practically flush with the phone. This can make turning it on, especially at night, a hassle to say the least. Fortunately, WidgetLocker is a handy app that lets you turn on your screen with a press of your volume buttons.

HTC ThunderBolt Power Button Problems

WidgetLocker is a $1.99 app available in the Android Market that brings about a lot of functionality. Not only can you turn your display on with the touch of a volume button, but you can add widgets and shortcuts to your lockscreen as if it was one of the many homescreens you have on your ThunderBolt. The WidgetLocker app also allows you to add additional sliders that will quickly launch your camera, Gmail or other apps.

In all it is a great app and a steal at $2. Especially if you have a ThunderBolt with a power button that is practically nonexistent. You can find WidgetLocker on the Android Market or if you prefer, you can buy straight from the developer.

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