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Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter Cards



Instagram photos may look strange on the Twitter website, and that’s because Instagram removed its support for Twitter cards according to The New York Times.

Twitter cards is what Twitter calls all the information around each individual tweet on the website. Now, when viewing an Instagram photo on the Twitter website, photos either appear off-center or cropped because of this. Eventually Instagram will force all links to go to the Instagram website instead of showing them as part of the tweet.

As Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said at the LeWeb conference, users will also have the opportunity to tweet links to their photos from Instagram. The only difference is the link will take the followers to Instagram instead of keeping them on Twitter’s website.


Instagram photos posted to Facebook, Tumblr, and Foursquare aren’t affected by this change. Those images will continue to display normally.

The changes come shortly after rumors surfaced suggesting that Twitter wants to add filters to its mobile apps for photos. With filters, Twitter will have one of the big draws of Instagram. Twitter will also presumably let users apply the filters to photos in aspect ratios other than the 612×612 squares that Instagram uses.

For now, Instagram photos continue to operate in the same way in Twitter apps like Tweetbot. It’s not clear if Instagram’s changes will change how those apps handle the photos in the future. Based on Twitter’s efforts to make tweets look similar across all apps, the changes could mean those users will have to view Instagram photos through the website as well.

Instagram recently revamped its desktop web presence by adding profile pages to the website. Previously, the website was only used to show linked photos and to advertise the app. Instagram’s main focus is still on the mobile app, however, as it’s the only way that users can upload photos to the service.

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