15 iOS 11.3 Release Date Tips & Tricks

When to Check for iOS 11.3

When to Check for iOS 11.3

Now that iOS 11.3 is official you might be wondering about the iOS 11.3 release date and time. 

We probably won't get an official iOS 11.3 release date anytime soon, but you can expect the update to arrive at a very specific time during the week. 

Apple's iOS updates almost always are released in and around 10AM Pacific so there's no reason to check for iOS 11.3 at 8AM Pacific or 10PM Pacific. 

The company almost never releases iOS updates on Friday's so your best bet is to check for iOS 11.3 around 10AM Pacific Monday-Thursday. 

The same goes for iOS 11.3 beta updates.

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  1. Adso Rossi

    01/05/2018 at 4:01 pm

    Let’s hope this time Apple forgets about “new features” and just works on stability and performance….would be about bloody time.


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