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iOS 8.2 Review: Is It Worth Installing?



Last week, Apple released its seventh iOS 8 update since the release of iOS 8.0 back in September. The new iOS 8.2 update is large update that delivers the Apple Watch app to iPhone users and bug fixes and enhancements to all iOS 8 users. Over the past week or so, we’ve spent some quality time with Apple’s latest upgrade and today, we want to help you answer that ever so important question: Is iOS 8.2 worth installing on iPhone or iPad?

Apple’s been extremely busy in the months after its iOS 8.0 release. The company’s rolled out seven iOS 8 updates to tackle iOS 8 problems and deliver new features and it’s planning to roll out at least one more in iOS 8.3. The iOS 8.3 release date is still unknown though it’s expected to feature at least one more beta which means that the iOS 8.2 update will reign for the foreseeable future.

iOS 8.2 is more than your average incremental iOS bug fixer. The update comes with a massive change log that features the Apple Watch app, a number of improvements to Apple’s Health application, enhancements for stock apps like Mail, and the usual array of bug fixes. iOS 8 problems have been a problem since launch and Apple’s doing its best to tackle the glaring issues.

iOS 8.2, like all iOS updates, has the potential to help, or hurt, the performance on your device. Apple never forces you to install its iOS updates which puts the power in your hands. To install or not to install, that is the question on the minds of many iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users.

We continue to get bombarded with questions about Apple’s iOS 8.2 update and the most popular question revolves around whether or not it’s worth a download. Today, we want to help answer that question for you as we run down our experiences on top iPhones and iPads and offer you a definitive answer to one of the most popular iOS questions: Is iOS 8.2 worth installing? Let’s find out.

iOS 8.2 Review

Since last Monday, we’ve spent a ton of time with Apple’s new iOS 8.2 update. And while we’re confident in our testing, we should note that mileage is going to vary from device to device, person to person. We probably don’t have the same apps installed and there’s a good chance that we stream more movies, use more LTE, and play more games than you do.

Consider these short reviews a guide to your final decision about whether to update to iOS 8 and or iOS 8.2. Again, the final decision is going to rest in your hands. Neither we, nor Apple, will ever force you to make an upgrade. These reviews should act as a starting point and we recommend gathering as much feedback as you can before coming to a decision.

iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 has been plagued with problems since its arrival in September. And while Apple’s smashed some of the bigger issues with its various iOS bug fix updates, iOS 8 problems continue to be a problem for some iPhone 6 users.

Our iOS 8.2 experience on the iPhone 6 has been up and down. While battery life, connectivity, and speed are all solid after making the move to Apple’s new update, we’ve also run into some bugs and problems with core applications. Google Chrome, in particular, is acting up on the 4.7-inch iPhone 6. It has been a bit frustrating though it appears that the problems are isolated. That is to say that they aren’t affecting the overwhelming majority of iPhone 6 users.

iPhone 6 Mophie Juice Pack Plus Review -  11

We’ve also seen the landscape issues pop up though those problems have followed us from the iOS 8.0 update. They’re nothing new and we’re still hopeful that Apple will fix them.

Right now, we’re recommending the iOS 8.2 update to iPhone 6 users dealing with problems on iOS 8.1.3 and below. iOS 8.2 has a chance to exterminate at least some of these issues though it may not correct them all. For more information on the iPhone 6’s iOS 8.2 update, check out our full length iPhone 6 iOS 8.2 review.

iPhone 6 Plus

While we’ve been experiencing iOS 8.2 issues on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus has been performing beautifully after the move to iOS 8.2. The iPhone 6 Plus was troubled in the weeks after its initial release so it’s nice to see Apple’s massive iPhone exhibit this kind of performance.

Battery life on the iPhone 6 Plus is as good as ever, connectivity is fast and stable, and the device hasn’t lost any of its speed after making the transition from iOS 8.1.3. iOS 8 is still extremely fast. We also haven’t run into any major problems that pose a threat to the overall stability of the flagship smartphone. We won’t call it bug-free but we haven’t noticed anything major.

Read our iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.2 review to see if you should upgrade.

Read our iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.2 review to see if you should upgrade.

Like the iPhone 6 iOS 8.2 update, the iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.2 update is recommended to those that are dealing with problems on iOS 8.1.3 or below. For more details on the update, have a look at our full iOS 8.2 iPhone 6 Plus review. It will elaborate a bit further on some of the positives that we’ve noticed after getting the new software on board.

iPhone 5s

We’ve been using the iPhone 5s iOS 8.2 update since release day and thus far, it has treated us well. We simply haven’t seen the device struggle like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and we’re optimistic about the device’s future.

The iOS 8.2 update brings Apple Watch support to the iPhone 5s which in turn, will bring Apple Pay to the former flagship. That’s one reason to consider the upgrade. How about some others.

Apple’s iOS 8.2 brings continued stability to a phone that’s now more than a year old. Battery life is outstanding, Wi-Fi is connecting when it should connect, and the iPhone 5s is still very fast. We are still noticing a problem with Bluetooth in the car, the problem has been there since iOS 8.1. We haven’t found a fix just yet.


If you are using Bluetooth in the car, we suggest poking around for some feedback about your make and model. While we’re seeing issues in our Ford, there’s a good chance that you won’t see any problems when you try to connect the phone to your automobile. Gather some feedback before installing if you rely on Bluetooth in your vehicle. And if it doesn’t work, try one of these fixes.

From where we’re sitting, the iPhone 5s iOS 8.2 update is an update worth installing, especially if you’re dealing with iOS 8 problems or if you’re looking to buy the Apple Watch when it arrives next month.

For more information on the Bluetooth problems and the iOS 8.2 update, take a look at our impressions.

iPhone 5c

While we haven’t been able to go hands on with the iPhone 5c iOS 8.2 update ourselves, we took it upon ourselves to found up feedback from iPhone 5c users who have installed the iOS 8.2 update on their device.

From what we can tell, the iOS 8.2 update is running beautifully on Apple’s colorful plastic iPhone. We haven’t seen any reports of widespread problems so it’s looking like the iOS 8.2 update for the iPhone 5c is similar to the update for the iPhone 5s. That’s a good thing.

If you own the iPhone 5c and you’re leery of iOS 8.2, we suggest taking a look at our roundup for feedback and then poking around forums and discussion boards for more feedback.

iPhone 5

The iOS 8 update has been a roller coaster ride on the iPhone 5. At least for us. iOS 8.0, iOS 8.0.1 and iOS 8.0.2 all treated the device well. It was only after iOS 8.1’s arrival in October that things began to go downhill.

After iOS 8.1, our iPhone 5 started exhibiting a ton of lag. While some slowdown isn’t unusual on an aging iPhone, this slowdown was happening all the time. That’s obviously not ideal for most people, us included.


Slowly but surely, Apple’s started to repair the damage. iOS 8.2 isn’t perfect and we’re not back to iOS 7 speeds but performance on the iPhone 5 is finally starting to feel normal. It also helps that battery life, connectivity, and apps are all performing nicely.

For more information about the iOS 8.2 iPhone 5 update, check out our full review. If you’re on iOS 8.1.3 already and you’re dealing with iOS 8.1.3 problems, take a look at our fixes. This is an update that we recommend right now, especially if you went through the same growing pains that we did.

iPhone 4s

We haven’t gone hands on with the iPhone 4s iOS 8.2 update but we have rounded up reactions from iPhone 4s users. From what we’ve seen, the results are good. While we saw a large number of complaints about iOS 8.1.3, feedback about iOS 8.2 has been mostly positive. We suggest taking a look at our roundup for feedback and then poking around forums and discussion boards if you’re not convinced.

Remember, the iPhone 4s is an old device and new software can sometimes wreck havoc on old devices. Because of this, those of you with the iPhone 4s will need to do a ton of research, especially if you’re on iOS 7 or below.

iPad Air 2

Apple’s iPad Air 2 arrived with iOS 8 on board at the end of last year. It features impressive hardware including a souped up 64-bit processor so we’re not expecting performance to degrade anytime soon.

The iPad Air 2 is still blazing fast with iOS 8.2 installed.

The iPad Air 2 is still blazing fast with iOS 8.2 installed.

iOS 8.2 is performing wonderfully on Apple’s new iPad Air and that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s an update worth installing if you want the latest bug fixes and security updates. Take a look at our full iOS 8.2 iPad Air 2 review before you take the plunge though.

iPad Air

For reasons unknown, the iOS 8 experience on the iPad has been more stable than the iOS 8 experience on the iPhone. We just haven’t seen the same array of problems on our older iPad models. iOS 8.2 keeps this trend alive and well.

The iPad Air iOS 8.2 update is working out just fine on our model. We haven’t run into any problems and battery life, connectivity, apps, and speed are exactly how they were in iOS 8.1.3. It’s a fantastic update and one that we think iPad Air first-gen users will want to look into. Those of you having problems on iOS 8.1.3 and below will almost certainly find a fix or two that will help. Take a look at our full length iPad Air iOS 8.2 update review.

iPad 3

The iPad 3 isn’t getting any younger which means that each and every update is important to its owners. Thankfully, Apple’s iPad 3 performs at a high-level with iOS 8.2 on board. And that’s really no different than where it was with iOS 8.1.3 on board.

Read on to learn about the iOS 8.2 iPad 3 performance.

Read on to learn about the iOS 8.2 iPad 3 performance.

This is a very solid update in all areas and it’s one that we highly recommend to those that suffered from performance issues on iOS 8.1, iOS 8.1.1 or iOS 8.1.2. iOS 8.2 should return things to normal.

We recommend this update to most iPad 3 users though we still think you should gather as much feedback as possible before making a move. Start with our iPad 3 iOS 8.2 review and move on from there. This is an old device and there’s no reason to rush into the iOS 8.2 update.

iPad 2

While we haven’t spent enough time with the iPad 2’s iOS 8.2 update to offer a full length review of our own, we have rounded up impressions from various iPad 2 users. Overall, the update seems to be working out well for most iPad 2 owners though we suggest taking an approach similar to what we recommended for the iPhone 4s.

Absorb as much feedback as you possibly can before moving to iOS 8.2. The iPad 2 is old and you really don’t want to take any chances now. You need to make sure iOS 8.2 is really worth it and the only way you can do that is by seeking out feedback from fellow iPad 2 users. Our review roundup is a great starting point but you’ll need to dig deeper than that.

iPad mini 2

Finally, we’ve been taking a look at performance on the iPad mini 2 (second-gen) and we’ve found nothing wrong. This is an extremely stable update on the second-gen iPad mini and it’s an update that we think you should look at if you’re dealing with problems. For more information, take a look at our full length review. It will help.

Should You Install iOS 8.2?

With all of that on the table, we want to answer the burning question: Is iOS 8.2 worth installing on the iPhone or iPad?

It’s difficult to answer for every single iPhone and iPad user out there, every device is a little bit different, but what we will say is that there are only a few people that need to be extremely cautious about this update. Our experience with iOS 8.2 has been overwhelmingly positive and the feedback that we’re seeing and getting from fellow iPhone and iPad users is excellent. For most devices, iOS 8.2 is an outstanding update.


So if you’re dealing with iOS 8 problems on iOS 8.1.3 or below, iOS 8.2 is certainly worth the risk. It’s performing well across all of the devices we’ve covered and it comes with a ton of bug fixes and enhancements that could solve your issues. It’s also going to be necessary to pair your iPhone to the Apple Watch so some of you might just want to get used to the new software now ahead of its release.

If you’re having a great experience on iOS 8.1.3 or below, you can continue to take your time and dig through iOS 8.2 feedback from other iPhone and iPad users. There’s no need to rush into the update with an Apple Watch release still several weeks away.

iOS 8.3 is expected to follow iOS 8.2 though an iOS 8.3 release date is still unknown. Those who wish to move up to iOS 8.3 right now can do so through the public iOS 8.3 beta.

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