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iOS 8.4.1 Release Time: What to Expect



Apple isn’t talking about the iOS 8.4.1 release date which means that it’s not talking about the iOS 8.4.1 release time either. With that and your expectations in mind, we want to take a look at a few of the most important things to know about Apple, its iOS release protocol and the iOS 8.4.1 release time.

In late June, Apple rolled out an iOS 8.4 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The update delivered key bug fixes, enhancements for iBooks, and some big changes to Apple Music. The new Music app includes a redesign, a streaming music service and more.

While some believed that iOS 8.4 would serve as the final piece of the bridge to Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 update, we now know that that won’t be the case. That honor will likely go to a new iOS 8.4 update and one that is expected to be much smaller than Apple’s iOS 8.4 release.


The update is iOS 8.4.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, It was confirmed a few days after the iOS 8.4 release and it currently sits in a private developer beta without a public release date or a change log. Apple isn’t talking about the software update and that’s left iPhone and iPad users with a lot of questions.

Apple hasn’t made a big announcement regarding the iOS 8.4.1 release date and iOS 8.4.1 release time but we have a pretty good idea about what to expect. So today, ahead of an unknown release date, we want to take a look at a few things you should expect from the iOS 8.4.1 release time. This is how the release should play out for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches capable of running Apple’s iOS 8.4 software.

No Official Details

You shouldn’t expect Apple to confirm an iOS 8.4.1 release date or iOS 8.4.1 release time ahead of the update’s release later this year.


If you just picked up an iPhone or iPad for the first time, here’s the deal. Apple only announces public iOS release dates on stage. For instance, the iOS 8.1 release date was confirmed alongside new iPads last October.

If Apple sticks to protocol, and it probably will, the iOS 8.4.1 release date and time will remain a mystery up until the update’s official release. Don’t expect iOS 8.4.1 to be an anomaly.

iOS 8.4.1 Release Time for U.S.

Apple probably won’t be talking about the iOS 8.4.1 release time but that’s not a problem because its iOS release times are pretty predictable.

If you’ve been through an iOS release before, you hopefully know what to expect. If you haven’t, or you need a reminder, here’s what you should expect from the iOS 8.4.1 release time if you live in the United States.

In the United States, you can expect the iOS 8.4.1 release time to be sometime between 9AM PST and 10AM PST. Here’s what that looks like for other parts of the United States:

  • Eastern – 1 PM
  • Central – 12 PM
  • Mountain – 11 AM

The iOS 8.4.1 release time will be the same for everyone. Unlike Android, Apple releases its iOS updates to everyone at once. So if it arrives at 9:13AM PST, expect that it will be available for all iOS 8 powered devices.

iOS 8.4.1 Release Time for Others

Apple’s iOS 8.4.1 update will come to everyone at the same time, not just iPhone and iPad (and iPod touch!) users in the United States. So, with that in mind, here’s what those of you in other parts of the world should expect from Apple’s iOS 8.4.1 release time.

  • London – 6 PM
  • Moscow – 9 PM
  • New Dehli – 10:30 PM
  • Shanghai – 1 AM
  • Tokyo – 2 AM
  • Melbourne – 3 AM
  • Auckland – 5 AM

Don’t expect Apple to confirm those times ahead of time but that’s when you’ll want to be checking your phone if you’re interested in installing the iOS 8.4.1 update right when it’s first released.

iOS 8.4.1 Release Date

Apple hasn’t released any official details regarding the iOS 8.4.1 release date but you can expect the release to take place sometime in the near future.

iPhone-6s-Plus-3 10.09.30 AM

iOS 8.4.1 is an extremely small update and it looks like it will be a maintenance release ahead of the iOS 9 update in the fall. Maintenance iOS releases typically don’t spend months inside of Apple’s beta program and from the look of things, iOS 8.4.1 is about as small as iOS updates come. It’s so small that beta testers are having a difficult time finding anything new.

We expect the release to take place ahead of September, the likely iOS 9 release month, and you should expect the iOS 8.4.1 release date timing to fall between Monday and Friday. Apple never rolls out iOS updates on the weekend and we don’t expect the company to do differently here.

iTunes and OTA

When the update arrives, expect the usual from Apple. If you’ve installed an iOS update before, you know what to expect. If this is your first time, know that there will be two ways to install the iOS 8.4.1 update when it comes out: iTunes and Over-the-Air thru Settings.

iPhone-6-4 12.17.18 PM

We wouldn’t expect the iOS 8.4.1 update to be a big update which means that we don’t expect install times to take very long. Maybe only a few minutes with iTunes or Over-the-Air. Again, this is probably going to be a tiny bug fix and tiny bug fixes usually aren’t 200MB.

Smooth Sailing

Expect smooth sailing if you decide to download and install the iOS 8.4.1 update right when it’s first released. This isn’t iOS 9 we’re dealing with here.

iOS 8.4.1 isn’t a big update. It also hasn’t been publicized. We typically only see server and installation problems on major iOS release dates. This is not a major release date and you should be fine to install the update right at the iOS 8.4.1 release time.

iOS 8.4.1 for iPhone & iPad: 10 Things to Expect

Limited iOS 8.4.1 Beta

Limited iOS 8.4.1 Beta

Don't expect the iOS 8.4.1 beta to last very long. With an iOS 9 release looming on the horizon and the iOS 8.4.1 seemingly nothing more than a bug fixer, we'd be surprised if this beta process dragged on. 

We'd expect this to be similar to the iOS 8.1.1 beta that Apple unleashed earlier this year. That update only went through one beta release before it was released to the public.

One iOS 8.4.1 beta wouldn't shock us, neither would two. Three iOS 8.4.1 beta releases before a public roll out would be surprising though. And we'd expect no more than one beta release for the public if there is even one at all. 

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1 Comment

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