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iOS 9.0.1 on iPhone 6s: First Impressions & Performance



If you just setup your new iPhone 6s, you were probably prompted to install an iOS 9.0.1 update. The update is Apple’s latest and the first update for its new flagship. With questions swirling, we want to take a look at how the iPhone 6s iOS 9.0.1 update is performing.

On Friday, Apple released its new flagship iPhone 6s. The 4.7-inch device replaces the iPhone 6 as the company’s most visible option and it does so with a number of brand new features including 3D Touch, new cameras, a brand new processor, and more.

The iPhone 6s, like the iPhone 6, runs the company’s brand new iOS 9 operating system. iOS 9 was released about a week before the iPhone 6s release date and the update delivers new features and enhancements to all iPhone users.

Last week, Apple rolled out the first update to iOS 9.0 dubbed iOS 9.0.1. The update is small, a little larger than 20MB, and it comes with some bug fixes for some of the initial iOS 9 problems. Fixes include a patch for APN issues and a fix for problems with alarms and timers. It’s small but it’s important.

It’s also one of the first things you saw if you opened up an iPhone 6s (or iPhone 6s Plus) over the weekend. Yes the iPhone 6s, like the iPhone 6, was updated to iOS 9.0.1 and new iPhone 6s users are getting the prompt to install during the setup process.

With that in mind, I want to take a look at how the iOS 9.0.1 update is performing on the iPhone 6s. Small updates like iOS 9.0.1 can disturb performance and that’s why I want to take a close look at the update today.

These initial iPhone 6s iOS 9.0.1 update impressions don’t serve as my final review of the software but they should help those of you who are feeling a bit indecisive. As a reminder, you don’t have to install iOS 9.0.1 right now. Apple never forces you to install iOS updates.

iOS 9.0.1 Installation

During the hour-long iPhone 6s setup process, my phone prompted me to install Apple’s new iOS 9.0.1 update. The iPhones that started arriving on Friday all run iOS 9.0 out of the box, not Apple’s new version of iOS 9.

iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.0.1 Update - 9

I downloaded the update right off the bat. And like the iOS 9.0.1 updates that came before it, it only took me a few minutes to download and install the new software. iOS 9.0.1 isn’t a big update and you should expect it to finish up in 10 to 15 minutes if you’re on a fast Wi-Fi connection.

If you run into the Slide to Update problem or any other iOS 9.0.1 installation issue on your iPhone 6s, you’ll want to consult our list of fixes.

iOS 9.0.1 on iPhone 6s Performance

These impressions won’t get into iOS 9’s features, of which there are many. If you’re looking for more on those, you’ll want to take a look at our iOS 9 walkthrough or our ongoing iOS 9 coverage. They’ll provide you with the details you need.

What I’m looking at here is performance and whether or not the update is worth installing on your 4.7-inch iPhone 6s. Now before I give you my thoughts, you must remember that I am just one person with one version of the T-Mobile iPhone 6s. (I am running the phone on AT&T’s network.)

I probably don’t use the same apps that you do, I probably don’t use my phone like you do. Mileage is always going to vary from person to person, device to device, when it comes to iOS updates. So use my impressions as a general guide.


I installed a backup (from iTunes) on my iPhone 6s. I wanted the look and feel of my iPhone 6 experience to mirror my iPhone 6s experience. That includes the apps themselves and the location of the apps. Their location on the home screen is key, at least for me.

So far, I haven’t had any major problems with my apps on the iPhone 6s. I used iOS 9.0 for awhile before I made the move to iOS 9.0.1 and it didn’t give me any problems either. This is similar to my experience with the iPhone 6 minus the 50+ Chrome crashes.

iPhone-6s-review - 26

As a reminder, my core apps include Asana, Slack, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, Hangouts, Chrome, Dark Sky, Amazon, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Xbox One Smartglass. I use these apps the most. I haven’t had any major problems in my three days with iOS 9.0.1.

Maybe it’s luck. Maybe it’s because I installed the latest bug fix updates with iOS 9 support for all of them. I don’t know. If you’re having problems, try reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work, provide the developer with some feedback.

iOS 9.0.1 Battery Life

I only use the iPhone 6s iOS 9.0 update for a day but I didn’t notice anything majorly wrong with the software. The iPhone 6s battery seemed to be holding up quite well with iOS 9.0 on board. Same goes for iOS 9.0.1.

I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary, at least not yet. The device’s battery is on par with the battery life I got out of the iPhone 6 with iOS 9.0.1 on board. That is to say that I’ve been able to get a full day of use out of the phone without having to charge it.

Remember, if you’re using a ton of LTE data, your iPhone battery is going to drop much faster than it will if you’re primarily using Wi-Fi. I primarily use Wi-Fi and I’m able to go from 8AM to 8PM without having to put it on a charger. That’s fine with me.

If you’re seeing something weird, take a look at our list of fixes for bad iOS 9 battery life. If you can’t find a fix, take it into an Apple Store. You’ve got a one year warranty so there’s a chance Apple will replace it for you for free.

Wi-Fi, Cellular Data & Bluetooth

Connectivity issues are extremely common. iPhone 6s users have been complaining about various issues out of the gates but I haven’t noticed anything.

I’ve been able to successfully pair it to several different Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and Toyota Prius. I’ve been able to pull down excellent speeds on various routers I have in my possession. They include a Verizon FiOS router and C9 Archer.


AT&T’s network is also extremely fast and efficient. And I’m using a T-Mobile iPhone 6s that I bought from Apple. No complaints here, at least not yet.

Connectivity problems can strike at any time and that’s why I’ve committed some fixes to memory. They’ll help me tackle them when and if they do arrive.

iOS 9.0.1 Problems on iPhone 6s

There are iOS 9.0.1 problems and bugs out there but none of them are impacting my daily routine. And while that security flaw is a little unsettling, it’s going to take a really good thief to not only steal my iPhone but get the exploit to work.

I’ve only been using this phone and this new software for a few days. While I’m confident that there aren’t any catastrophic game-changing issues on board, there’s a chance that I’ve overlooked some of the smaller bugs and issues. None have jumped up at me but that could change in the hours, days and weeks ahead.

If you’ve run into bugs or problems or if you want to get a head start ahead of your iOS 9.0.1 installation, take a look at our list of fixes.


If the iPhone 6 is Justin Gatlin, the iPhone 6s is Usain Bolt. Both are fast but the iPhone 6s is noticeably faster.

Folders, apps, everything opens faster on the iPhone 6s. That’s a product of the under-the-hood changes that Apple made to its new flagship.

You shouldn’t notice any slow down or sluggishness with the iOS 9 update. If you do, take a look at our details about slow iOS 9 performance.

If nothing helps, cross your fingers and hope that iOS 9.1 brings enhanced performance to your device. It just might.

Should You Install iOS 9.0.1 Right Now?

iOS 9.0.1 is a small update but it fixes problems that have the potential to be annoying. As a reminder, here they are:

  • Fixes an issue where sometimes alarms and timers could fail to play.
  • Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing a video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted.
  • Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via profile could lose cellular data.

I haven’t run into any major problems on the iPhone 6s. The performance is extremely stable and my apps and battery life are holding up.

If you’re doing alright in iOS 9.0 and you’re feeling a bit nervous, don’t be afraid to hold out for a few more days so that you can do more research. iOS 9.0.1 has some key fixes but if you’re not noticing anything on iOS 9.0, you don’t need to rush.

iOS 9.1 should be out in a month or so so if you want to hold out for that milestone update, you can. I’ll be back with a full review of iOS 9.0.1 in October.

iOS 9.1 Release Date & Time: 10 Things To Count On

Another iOS 9.1 Beta

Another iOS 9.1 Beta

The first thing we think you can count on from the iOS 9.1 release is another iOS 9.1 beta. 

Thus far, we've seen two iOS 9 betas apiece for developers and those in the Beta Software Program. If you're not familiar, the Beta Software Program is a free beta testing program that's open to the public. That means that you can download the iOS 9.1 update, in beta form, right now if you have an Apple ID. 

Whether you want to or not is up for debate. Some people love trying features early, others hate the problems that early software typically brings. (Note: We've actually heard really good things about the current version of the iOS 9.1 beta.)

With several weeks to go before the rumored iOS 9.1 release date, we're expecting at least one more beta from Apple. The company typically releases new betas every two weeks and we'd expect a new one to arrive in early October. 



  1. Todd

    09/28/2015 at 3:16 pm

    Battery life after downloading the iOS 9.0.1 is a real problem, and something that Apple needs to address, or they will thousands of dissatisfied customers. What happened to the think tank at Apple—coffee break is over, now, get back to work!!!

  2. Andrea Veroccio

    09/29/2015 at 4:44 am

    why my battery life has tanked all of a sudden with the 9.0.1 update is beyond me, cmon apple get it together!

  3. abu

    10/07/2015 at 2:54 am

    i have iphone 4s, yes i way behind but i am poor. i updated the 9.1 and my dear phone went crazy. every thing not like b4. photos, a lot of contacts are gone. delay in opening and battery life is short and turns off by itself. can i write off the update and back to old one . pls help

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