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iOS 9.2 Release Date: 5 Things to Get Excited About



The iOS 9.1 is only two weeks old but the spotlight is starting to shift to Apple’s next big update, iOS 9.2. The iOS 9.2 release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch isn’t confirmed but there’s already a lot to be excited about.

Last week, just one week after the iOS 9.1 roll out, Apple confirmed yet another iOS 9 upgrade for iOS users. The update, iOS 9.2, is currently in the company’s beta program for developers and the general public and it will stay there for an undetermined amount of time as Apple and its testers poke and prod it for issues.

This week, Apple released a new iOS 9.2 beta called iOS 9.2 beta 2. The update is now available for developers and those in the Beta Software Program and it confirms some new brand new details about the update’s contents.


The update doesn’t come with 150 new emojis for the iOS 9 keyboard or a two hour boost to battery life but the iOS 9.2 beta has revealed several exciting features that iPhone and iPad users should be aware of as we push towards the iOS 9.2 release date.

There are a number of changes coming with the iOS 9.2 update but here we want to outline five of the most exciting. Nothing is confirmed until the public release rolls out to iOS 9 users but we expect most, if not all of these changes, to arrive on the final version of iOS 9.2.

Keep these details in mind as we push through the month of November.

iOS 9.2 Performance

iOS 9.2 Performance

It's still early but it looks like the iOS 9.2 update could improve performance in key areas on some well-known devices. 

Developers testing the update have relayed feedback about the iOS 9.2 beta and its performance and so far, we've heard good things. 

iPhone 4s iOS 9.2 beta testers are saying that Multitasking has improved with the iOS 9.2 update on board. iPhone 6s Plus beta testers claim that there is less 3D Touch lag with iOS 9.2 on board. And iPhone 6 Plus say that the App Switcher is far more fluid than it was in previous iOS updates.

We've also heard that Control Center lag has lessened on devices like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s though it's not clear if that will translate to the final version of the update. 

Developers and testers claim that performance is improved over iOS 9.1. If that's true that's exciting because iOS 9.1 has been excellent on many of our devices. 

It's still early in the process but it's good to hear positive things ahead of the release date. Hopefully these performance stick. 



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