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iOS 9.2 Release Date & Time: 10 Things to Count On



Few iOS 9.2 Release Time Problems

Few iOS 9.2 Release Time Problems

We saw some early download and installation problems on the iOS 9 release date in September but Apple handled those within a half hour. If you suffered through the iOS 7 and iOS 8 releases, you know how impressive that is. 

The iOS 9.1 release went off without a hitch and it's clear, at least to us that, Apple's invested some resources into making sure that widespread download issues don't plague its iOS release dates. (The smooth iPhone 6s pre-order is another example of its commitment to getting these big releases right.)

If you want to download the iOS 9.2 update right at 10AM PT, you should be able to no problem. Even if Apple talks about this update on stage, Apple's servers should be able to handle the load. 

If you don't want to take any kind of risk, avoid installing the iOS 9.2 update during peak hours. 10AM-11AM PST. 

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