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iOS 9.2 Release Date & Time: 10 Things to Count On



iOS 9.2 Release Date

iOS 9.2 Release Date

Apple released the first iOS 8.2 beta in November. This, ahead of a public release date in March. The iOS 8.2 release date joined the Apple Watch on stage during Apple's Spring Forward event. 

And while some things are guaranteed (an iOS beta release after the WWDC keynote and an iOS release date on stage with the iPhone for instance), nothing is guaranteed for these milestone upgrades. 

Apple could follow the same trajectory with its iOS 9.2 release but we wouldn't count on that, at least not yet. We haven't caught wind of any upcoming media events and there's no guarantee that iOS 9.2 will tie in with an Apple Watch 2. If there is an Apple Watch 2. So what can we count on from the iOS 9.2 release date?

Well, you can count on being in the dark all the way up until its release, or if we're lucky, just before its release. Apple won't give you any release windows ahead of time. 

You can also count on a release being close if and when Apple releases an iOS 9.2 beta 5. Apple typically doesn't extend the beta beyond that so if we get to a beta 5, you'll know that we're probably getting closer. 

We may not hear about the iOS 9.2 release date for awhile. Or ever. Count on being in the dark for a good portion of the iOS 9.2 beta. 

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