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iOS 9 Release: 5 Things We Learned in August



iPhone 6s iOS 9 Update

iPhone 6s iOS 9 Update

We're expecting the iPhone 6s iOS 9 update to be special. New iPhones typically come with unique software features that help set them apart from their predecessors and we're starting to get a read on what could come with the iPhone 6s' version of iOS 9

Hamza Sood, an iOS developer who is well known for finding references inside Apple’s beta software, recently discovered a reference to Force Touch for the iPhone 6s. Force Touch display technology has been rumored ad naseum in recent weeks and is a virtual lock for the iPhone 6s. 

According to Sood, the code suggests that Apple is testing Force Touch on the iOS 9 keyboard. Sood believes that this likely references keyboard trackpad gestures that activate with pressure-sensitive gestures enabled by Force Touch.



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