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iOS 9 Release: 5 Things We Learned in August



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iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 Features

In August, we also caught a glimpse at some of iOS 9's most interesting features. 

Apple's most recent beta, iOS 9 beta 5 for developers, revealed a number of new details about the iOS 9 feature set.

In addition to a collection of brand new (and downloadable backgrounds), we've learned that the iOS 9 update will also come with a new Wi-Fi Assist feature, AT&T Wi-Fi calling, Shuffle All for Apple Music, and a whole lot more. 

It's not clear if Apple will release another iOS 9 beta before the public release. With an iOS 9 release date coming up quickly, there's a chance that it will simply opt to make the iOS 9 GM release the last beta for developers and the public. 

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