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iPad Pro 2018 Release: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



iPad Pro 2018 Release Date

iPad Pro 2018 Release Date

So what about the actual release date?

If Apple announces the iPad Pro 2018 models alongside the new iPhones on September 12th, you can expect a release date soon after launch. 

In-store release dates typically land the week after Apple makes its announcements. If that pre-order date holds up and the iPad Pro release mirrors the iPhone 11's, we could see the devices land in-stores on Friday, September 21st. 

There's also a chance Apple releases the iPad Pro the same day it makes the announcement (just like it did in March with the 9.7-inch iPad) or at a later date in September or October.

Either way, we expect the iPad Pro 2018 to be in-stores by the time the holiday shopping season and Black Friday roll around.

Don't expect a release in late November or December.

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