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iPad Pro 2018 Release: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Don't Expect Many, If Any, Straight Price Cuts

Don't Expect Many, If Any, Straight Price Cuts

We expect the first batch of iPad Pro 2018 deals to be limited to trade-in offers. We don't expect to see many, if any, straight price cuts on the new iPads for a few weeks at least. 

If you don't have a tablet to trade-in or don't want to deal with the trade-in process, you might have to wait until November, December, or 2019 for a price drop.

The first iPad Pro 2018 deals could emerge in late November around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the start of the holiday shopping season. 

However, the best iPad Pro 2018 deals probably won't arrive until 2019 once the holiday shopping season is over and we push toward the release of new Apple hardware. 

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