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iPhone 5 Launches Tomorrow: Everything We Think We Know



Tomorrow, Apple will likely announce the iPhone 5 and release it to customers later this month. And while we still don’t have any official details regarding the iPhone 5 and its release date, we think we have a good idea about what to expect from both.

The iPhone 5 will replace Apple’s iPhone 4S, a device that is released back in October of last year. Apple’s new iPhone is expected to feature a number of significant changes over its predecessor including a bump in screen size and the ability to connect to a new, faster cellular network. And in typical Apple fashion, it’s also expected to be released soon after Apple makes the announcement.

Here we take a final look at everything we think we know about the iPhone 5 itself including its features, its launch, its pre-order and the upcoming iPhone 5 release date.


A possible look at the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Release Date

While Apple has yet to disclose the iPhone 5 release date, a reliable source has told Gotta Be Mobile that the release date for Apple’s next iPhone will be on September 21st.

This is a date that was previously rumored for the iPhone 5’s release date and it’s a date that fits the mold quite well. Unlike many of its competitors, Apple announces the release date for its hardware products at their launch events. The release dates typically fall on a date not too long after the launch event itself.

Last year, Apple announced the iPhone 4S on October 4th and released the iPhone 4S on October 14th. The iPhone 5 launch and release will likely follow this pattern and at this point, September 21st is the probable release date for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Launch Date

Tomorrow, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Apple will be announcing a new piece of hardware, likely the iPhone 5. Apple hasn’t yet said what’s in store for tomorrow but from the shadow of a ‘5’ on the press invite to the timing, it’s clear that this event is going to be centered around the iPhone 5.

However, it won’t be the only product that Apple shows off at the event.

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We know that Apple will likely give us the grand tour of the final version iOS 6, the mobile software that it first showed of at WWDC 2012 earlier this year. And while we know about many of iOS 6’s features from the announcement and subsequent beta, Apple may end of announcing a surprise feature or two in the same way it announced Siri for the iPhone 4S last year.

We also have heard that Apple may be refreshing its iPod lineup with the iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod nano all rumored to possibly be receiving upgrades from the previous versions.

iPhone 5 Pre-Order – Two Possible Dates

Originally, we believed that Apple may launch an iPhone 5 pre-order on the same day that it announces the iPhone 5, September 12th. However a new report surfaced claiming that Apple will likely do what it did with the iPhone 4S last year and put the iPhone 5 up for pre-order a few days after the launch.

Rumor has it, Apple will launch an iPhone 5 pre-order for the iPhone 5 on September 14th, this Friday.

Whatever the case may be, Apple will not be the only one taking pre-orders. We fully expect the iPhone 5’s carriers and third party retailers like Best Buy to open up their doors for pre-orders as well though no evidence of their involvement has surfaced yet.

iPhone 5 Features

As for the iPhone 5 itself, rumors have been swirling for quite some time, but in the past few weeks, they have zeroed in on features likely to come with Apple’s new iPhone model.


The iPhone 5 is expected to feature a new design from that of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4. Instead of a glass back, Apple has reportedly added metal with two pieces of either glass or plastic on the top and bottom of that backing.

In addition, Apple has apparently slimmed down the iPhone 5 by just mere millimeters while also making its design taller due to the device’s rumored screen size.


The iPhone 5 is expected, for the first time, to feature a screen larger than 3.5-inches. The display is expected to check in at 4-inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio which will allow for iPhone 5 owners to truly view content in widescreen.


Apple is expected to upgrade the processor from the A5 chip found in the iPhone 4S. Exactly which chip it will put into the iPhone 5 remains up for debate though.

Rumors have stated that the iPhone 5 will feature a new A6 chip while others state that the iPhone 5 sports the same A5X chip found in the new third-generation iPad.

If history is any indicator, the iPhone 5 will have an A5X chip as the iPhone 4S featured the same processor as the iPad 2 which launched earlier in 2011.


The iPhone 5 is expected to have global 4G LTE connectivity. If true, it would mean that Apple’s iPhone 5 would be able to pull down data speeds that can reach up to 10 times faster than normal 3G speeds.

It’s a feature that has already been included with the third-generation iPad and one that has been available on Android and Windows Phone devices for quite some time.


The iPhone 4S features one of the best cameras found on a smartphone and to date, there is no information that suggests that Apple is going to be changing it with the iPhone 5.

However, there are rumors that Apple will be including a new HD front-facing FaceTime camera to work alongside FaceTime Over Cellular, a feature that will be coming with iOS 6.

Dock Connector

Also rumored to be coming with the iPhone 5 is a new smaller dock connector that will replace the 30-pin dock connector found on previous iPhone models.

It’s unclear as to how many pins it will have, eight, nine and nineteen have all been rumored, but it looks like it will definitely be a change with the iPhone 5.

iOS 6

Apple’s new iPhone 5 will also almost assuredly have iOS 6, Apple’s new operating system on board when it arrives. Apple won’t be skimping on any features like it will be with older iOS devices either. The iPhone 5 will likely have the full-fledged version.

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So the question now is, will it have any surprises on board when it arrives? Last year, Apple kept Siri under wraps and it may have done the same with another software feature unique to the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Carriers

Thus far, we haven’t heard anything about the iPhone 5’s carriers. However, some recent announcements from the big three seem to indicate that they will be involved in tomorrow’s launch.

Last year, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon all carried the iPhone 4S at launch and now that all three have 4G LTE networks in place and with the iPhone 5 rumored to feature 4G LTE, so it’s plausible that all three will carry the iPhone 5 at launch as well.

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Screen Shot 2012-09-10 at 11.09.32 AM

Verizon will likely host the iPhone 5 on its 4G LTE network.

Furthering this possibility is the fact that all three carriers announced major 4G LTE roll outs right before the launch of the iPhone 5. Verizon even has a 4G LTE scheduled for the eve of the iPhone 5’s presumed release date.

The timing could not be more perfect for these announcements and we expect all three of these carriers, at the very least, to be involved in the announcement tomorrow.

iPhone 5 Price

Apple is expected to keep the same pricing and storage options that it used in conjunction with the iPhone 4S. Even with the addition of a larger screen and 4G LTE, rumors point to Apple keeping the $199.99 price tag for its most basic iPhone 5 model.

If true, the breakdown will look like this:

  • 16GB iPhone 5 – $199.99
  • 32GB iPhone 5 – $299.99
  • 64GB iPhone 5 – $399.99

Unlike some Android devices that have pricing or storage differences depending on the carrier, the iPhone 5 will likely keep this pricing and storage space across the board.

The company is also expected to offer all three models in either black or white.



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