iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 Update: 9 Things to Know in December

Its been five weeks since Apple replaced iOS 10.1 with iOS 10.1.1. With that in mind, we want to take a look at the most important things you need to know about the iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 update as we push into December.

In September, Apple confirmed an iOS 10 release date for the iPhone 6 and its other iOS 9 powered devices and on September 13th the company pushed the iOS 10 update to iPhone 6 models around the globe.

iOS 10 delivered new features and enhancements but it also brought problems to the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and other popular mobile devices.

In an effort to clean up iOS 10, the company’s released several bug fix updates for the iPhone 6 and its other iOS 10-powered devices.

The latest is iOS 10.1.1, a small update that brings a key fix to the former flagship smartphone.


The iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 update is a tiny update if you’re coming directly from iOS 10.1. If you’re coming to iOS 10.1.1 from iOS 9 or iOS 8, it’ll be much larger due to iOS 10.1 and iOS 10. The features from Apple’s previous iOS 10 updates are baked into iOS 10.1.1.

With the smoke from the iOS 10.1.1 release settled we want to take a look at the most important things iPhone 6 owners need to know about the iOS 10.1.1 update at the five week mark.

This roundup offers a quick iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 review, details about the iOS 10 downgrade, a look at some of the problems plaguing the iPhone 6 after iOS 10.1.1, and a whole lot more.

Check back for regular updates as we make our way into December.

iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 Update Review

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iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 Update Review

We've been using the iPhone 6 iOS 10.1.1 update for a little more than five weeks and we've been keeping a close eye on key areas like battery life, connectivity, and UI speed. Here's what we've found during our time with the current version of iOS 10. 

We haven't noticed any major problems with iPhone 6 battery life with the iOS 10.1.1 update on board. The device continues to hold an excellent charge at the five week mark. 

If you recently installed iOS 10.1.1 on your iPhone 6 and you're seeing battery drain issues give it a couple of days to settle in.

If it fails to settle after a couple of days with iOS 10.1.1 installed, you'll want to try some manual fixes for battery life problems.

We've tested the phone and its update with several ISPs, routers, and Bluetooth devices and we're still having an excellent experience. We haven't noticed any major problems or dropped connections. AT&T LTE/4G continues to perform at a high level as well. 

The iPhone 6 is still extremely fast with iOS 10.1.1 on board. Animations and transitions are incredibly fluid and we haven't experienced any lag in problem areas like Control Center and the Notifications tray. 

The iOS 10.1.1 update is treating our iPhone 6 well at the one month milestone. We recommend it for most iOS 10 users. 

That said, you'll want to seek out a second or third opinion before you make your move. This is especially important if you're coming from iOS 9.3.5 or below. You can't go back to iOS 9 once you make the move to iOS 10. 

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