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iPhone 6s Plus: 5 Things I Learned in 24 Hours



The iPhone 6s Plus is a big smartphone with a beautiful screen that delivers a new way for users to interact with the iPhone, a new camera and a new rose gold color.

Here’s what I learned after using the new Rose Gold iPhone 6s Plus for 24 hours.

After using the iPhone 6s for most of Friday, I switched over to using the iPhone 6s Plus for the bulk of Saturday up until I handed it off to a professional photographer to see how well it can replace thousands of dollars of pro gear.

After exploring with both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for the last year I wanted to see how well the new iOS 9 features and exclusive new iPhone 6s Plus features help overcome the challenges of using a large smartphone.

Here is what I learned after using the iPhone 6s Plus for a day.

It’s Still a Huge Phone

What I learned using the iPhone 6s Plus for a day.

What I learned using the iPhone 6s Plus for a day.

The iPhone 6s Plus is still a large phone that can challenge not just my pockets, but also my hands. During my first 24 hours with the iPhone 6s Plus I still found placing it in my pocket noticeably more of a commitment than carrying around the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s.

With a 5.5-inch screen there is more room to watch videos and a bigger canvas for lining up a photo — but this is also more phone to haul around.

One thing that does help me use the larger screen is 3D Touch, which makes getting to features in apps faster and easier with one hand. Here’s more on this new feature.

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3D Touch Is Useful, Especially With a Big Screen

The biggest new iPhone 6s Plus feature that you can physically touch and see is 3D Touch.

Instead of using your iPhone screen with a tap or a long press, the screen can now detect a push and a harder push. This enables Quick Action shortcuts from the home screen that are very useful on a bigger screen.

Take for instance opening the camera app and taking a selfie. On the iPhone 6 Plus this often required a second hand to tap on the camera switch button in the upper right, or using Reachability to pull it down.

On the iPhone 6s Plus I can just push harder on the camera icon to go straight to a selfie.

Peek and Pop allow me to push to preview a link, appointment, location or email an then push harder to jump right to the app or email. With 3D Touch I can push on the edge of the screen and slide over to switch apps as well.

When selecting text, I can press on the keyboard and turn it to a cursor I can quickly move to the right location to fix a typo. To select the text I need to use my second hand, but it’s still a useful tool.

Together these new features help me use it better with one hand, but I still find it more challenging than the iPhone 6s.

Great Camera Upgrades

Apple boosts the iPhone 6s Plus camera to a 12MP sensor, up from 8MP on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The camera is fast, it takes great photos and Apple adds new options that I am already using regularly.

[contextly_sidebar id=”c388Q39lKKOyx3skxlzz4bPFS99FoqDQ”]Live Photos capture a second and a half before and after a photo, so you get the 12MP photo that you can edit, share and print — but you also get a fun moving photo, almost like a gif. The downside is that you cannot share this to someone who isn’t on Apple and currently if you move the camera at the end you ruin the effect. Apple is working on a fix for this.

The iPhone 6s Plus also includes the ability to record in 4K resolution, but it can fill up your storage fast at roughly 370MB per minute.

Apple also packs in a better front-facing camera with a 5MP resolution and now lets users flash the screen for a better Selfie in low light.

As with the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPhone 6s Plus includes Optical Image Stabilization that is not found on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6. Check out the iPhone 6s Plus sample photos below.

iPhone 6s Plus Vibration is No Longer Obnoxious

You wouldn’t think that the vibration feature on a smartphone would make a short list like this, but this is a major change that I am very excited about.

The iPhone 6 Plus vibration is obnoxious. It is loud and way too powerful for a smartphone.

With the iPhone 6s Plus Apple switches to the Taptic Feedback Engine that delivers subtle, but easy to recognize alerts.

Touch ID is Fast

iPhone 6s Plus Touch IDThe iPhone 6s Plus uses a new and improved Touch ID sensor that is very fast. Many times the iPhone 6s Plus unlocks as soon as I push the home button to light the screen up.

This is a major jump from the iPhone 6 Plus, where Touch ID was finicky and sometimes slow to respond.

11 Best iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Tech21 Evo Elite

Tech21 Evo Elite

After using the Tech21 Evo Elite iPhone 6s Plus case for a month it is one of our favorites due to the nice style and the thin design. Add in the fact that the FlexShock material on the edges is capable of delivering more protection than you'd expect from a slim case and it's a clear winner.

A slim and light case is even more important with the larger iPhone 6s Plus, and Tech21 delivers on all counts with a great iPhone 6s Plus case option.

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