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iPhone 6s Release Date: 10 Important Details



iPhone 6s Pre-Order Date Rumored

iPhone 6s Pre-Order Date Rumored

The iPhone 6s release date is heavily rumored for September 18th and it looks we might see Apple offer pre-orders. The company didn't offer iPhone 5s pre-orders ahead of its release date in 2013. 

iPhone 6s pre-orders are rumored for September 11th, or, two days after the company is expected to announce the phone. The rumor comes from France and France is typically one of the first countries to get the new iPhone. This lends some credibility to the rumor. 

It also fits Apple's pattern. It usually puts its iPhone up for pre-order on the Friday before the iPhone release. You can circle September 11th, in pen if you want, on the calendar. There's a good chance that it will serve as the first day of sales.

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