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iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 Edge: 10 Important Details



The iPhone 6s Won't Have An "Edge" Though

The iPhone 6s Won't Have An

iPhone 6s rumors do not, however, point to a curved display. The Galaxy S6 Edge's "Edge" is one of our favorite features on the phone and not just because it looks cooler than your standard flat smartphone display. 

No, the Galaxy S6 Edge display has some unique and useful features that many of you are going to love. One feature is Edge Clock. Edge Clock is a handy way to see what time it is at a glance without the need to turn the phone on. 

The Galaxy S6 Edge also offers powerful notifications on its curved display. These default Edge notifications only show a few alerts but you can set it up to allow for a check of all your device's notifications. This is an easy way to see what alerts are worth checking your phone for.

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