iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: 7 Things You Need to Know
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iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: 7 Things You Need to Know



iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Cameras

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Cameras

This one will be tough, as both Samsung and Apple really brought their A-game in 2016. That said, the iPhone 7 Plus is the experience you'll want, as it has dual cameras. The regular iPhone 7 though, will probably come close to matching Samsung, but we'll have to wait and see.

Both phones have a large 12 MP camera with optical image stabilization, laser fast apertures, LED flash, and tons of additional features. Samsung's Galaxy S7 has a dual-pixel auto focus system that's faster and more accurate than any phone we've ever used, and won several awards as the best cameraphone on the market. It handily beat the iPhone 6s, but we'll need to see more tests and samples before we crown a winner now that the iPhone 7 is here. It also has a faster f/1.7 aperture, vs f/1.8 on the iPhone.

Now that the iPhone 7 has a F/1.8 aperture lens and image stabization, it could very well give Samsung's Galaxy S7 a run for their money. These both will take amazing photos in any situation, both do live photos, and both made low-light photography a real priority. You can't go wrong with either phone, so stay tuned for more details once the iPhone 7 is released.

While we're here, the Galaxy S7 has a 5MP front wide-angle camera, while Apple went with an improved 7MP Facetime HD front shooter.

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