iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: 7 Things You Need to Know
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iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: 7 Things You Need to Know



iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Battery Life & Charging

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7: Battery Life & Charging

Some say the iPhone has excellent battery life, while others say the complete opposite and complain about it all the time. It's always up for debate.

Either way, the new iPhone 7 lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6s, which is about the only thing Apple had to say on the matter. No talk of faster charging speeds, battery size, or anything near wireless charging. Meaning you'll need to use the same lightning charger as before, similar speeds, and get roughly 2 hours of longer usage from the new iPhone 7.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 has been hailed as one of the best of the year for battery life. It has a large 3,000 mAh battery with Adaptive Fast Charging, and Fast Wireless Charging. It can go from 0-50% in 25 minutes, and fully recharge in about 90 minutes. Then there's fast wireless charging that's pretty great too.

In our Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge reviews we came away extremely impressed with battery life, but don't expect Apple to sit back.

The new iPhone 7 has a more efficient display, a new Apple A10 Fusion quad-core processor (finally 4-cores) that has two powerful cores and two low-power cores. This means two light chips can do easy tasks and sip battery, while the other two can handle all the intensive tasks. This is probably where the extra 2 hours of usage comes from, but that's all we know right now.

The iPhone 7 Plus will likely be the best iPhone for battery life, but Samsung's no slouch either.

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