iPhone X: 8 New Features You’ll Love & 3 You’ll Hate

Here is what’s new with the iPhone X. We’re sharing the best iPhone X features that you will use daily and the iPhone X features you will hate — at least for the first month until you get used to some of the things missing from the iPhone X.

The new iPhone is one of the boldest changes we’ve seen from Apple, adding in a massive screen, crazy new camera features and many long wished for features like wireless charging.

Last year Apple came for our headphone jack and we survived, but this year Apple is coming for your home button and with it Touch ID. Apple has an answer for this, but it’s going to be a tougher adjustment to make. Oh, and there is still no headphone jack.

This is the iPhone X. Here are the new iPhone X features you'll love and a few you'll hate.
This is the iPhone X. Here are the new iPhone X features you’ll love and a few you’ll hate.

With the new iPhone X there are plenty of brand new features that you will love. Here are the the most exciting Phone X features that Apple announced and that you will get when you buy the new phone. You will not find these features on the older iPhone that is in your pocket.

  • Bigger Screen with Better Reading Tech
  • iPhone X Design and Size
  • Wireless Charging
  • Face ID
  • Animojis – Animated Emoji
  • New Camera Features
  • Augmented Reality Features
  • Better Battery Life

For all that changed, there are some things that you’ll hate about the new iPhone X, especially if you don’t like change. Apple removed some familiar features and chose not to add some of the most requested features.

  • No Home Button & No Touch ID
  • No Headphone Jack
  • No Micro SD Card

While you can adapt to some changes, these are the ones we think will be the hardest for you to adapt to. There are also a lot of new iOS 11 features that you’ll love and hate — like the new Control Center and other big changes. Here’s a closer look at each of these iPhone X features that you will love, and that you will hate.

Incredible iPhone X Display

Incredible iPhone X Display

The new iPhone X display is one of the biggest reasons to buy this phone. Literally. It's a 5.8-inch display that dominates the front of the new iPhone and it doesn't require a massive overall phone size to give you this much room. You do need to deal with a small cutout area where Apple packs in sensors and cameras at the top of the screen. 

Apple finally switches over to OLED technology for the Super Retina display. This screen features a 2436 x 1125 resolution and a whopping 458 ppi, which means you won't be seeing pixels when you look at it, just a lot of detail in your photos and videos. The screen also supports DolbyVision and HDR 10, which should make movies look stunning and there is support for True Tone, which helps deliver a more readable display. 

Apple says that this is the first OLED screen that they felt was ready for the iPhone and they promise accurate colors, true blacks and a very high brightness. This screen dominates the front of the phone and it's going to be one of the iPhone X features you'll love the most. 



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