Is Your Google Nexus 7 Defective?

Those who have been lucky enough to receive their Google Nexus 7 tablet have begun to take notice of defects that are affecting the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet.

A poll over at XDA-forums indicating that more than a few users have been seeing issues with their new 7-inch slate, which just started shipping out last week.

Many users are seeing glass separation issues where the Nexus 7’s glass is separating from the case. For some owners, the screen has somehow manged to rise above the border. An example of this, from XDA-forums user Lazaro17, shows the screen of the Nexus 7 rising above the border.

Nexus 7 owners are seeing issues with their new tablet.

Other users have noticed that the display on the Nexus 7 has arrived with dead pixels on board.

These are two of the more well-known defects that Nexus 7 owners are seeing come with the device. Many users who are affected by the issues say that they are going to be exchanging their device. Problem is, supply is low at the moment with many retailers sold out and Google’s shipping times for the 16GB model sitting at 3-4 weeks.

Shipping times at the Google Play Store for the 8GB model eased to 3-5 days yesterday.

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Many retailers are still unsure when their stock will be replenished. Gamestop says that it will receive more Nexus 7 devices in August and Staples is expecting to have devices in stock shortly. Office Depot doesn’t know when it will get more and Sam’s Club might just be the only place that might have it in-stores.

From a poll at XDA-forums, it looks like most users with issues received their Nexus 7 from Google itself which may bode well for a replacement.

Anyone else out there seeing defects on their Nexus 7? We’d love to hear from you.