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iScore: Using Mobile to Score Baseball Games!



I have been working on a simple website for my son’s baseball team this weekend. The goal of the site is two fold, one to let parents know when the next game and/or practice is and to let the kids get excited seeing their names online with their stats. I thought this would be fun for the kids to track their performance.

I am using WordPress for the site and the layout is a mirror image of the main site for his league that I did.

I am not done with the site and still adding features. One of the features is the back end for the stats and results of the game. I have some CSS work to do for sure, but I have the players, teams, and schedules in place. Tonight, I was working on testing out the stat input. I had planned to keep a tradition book and transfer the stats to the database manually after each game.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the stats input is definitely manual, but not too tough looking. I was getting ready to input the stats from today’s Jamboree game that they won 8-4 and noticed that this WordPress Plugin, BaseballNuke, offered a way to import stats from a couple 3rd party scoring apps, iScore and Game Changer. Both allow for stat keeping using an iOS device or Android device. In addition, they allow you to access these stats online and use the data in other applications. I plan to try out the iScore app for Android (and possibly iOS as well) to track my son’s games and import the data into our website automatically. Tuesday is their 1st regular season game and I will put it through the 1st test then.

What is iScore?

ESPN iScore Baseball / Softball Scorekeeper is the easiest and most intuitive way to track a baseball or softball game. With the #1 Baseball Scoring app for the iPhone and iPod touch, you can score youth baseball/softball, high school games, college games, and even professional games just like the pros.


  • Team Manager section — Manage teams, team rosters and lineup at game time.
  • Quick Roster — Generate teams with any number of players.
  • Scorebook Output — Record even the most complex plays. Every stolen base, pick-off and passed ball is tracked.
  • Pitch Tracker — Tracks every pitch location, type (including Softball pitches!) and speed and includes a speckle chart, allowing you to review pitch history.
  • Batting Spray Chart — Track hit locations as well as strength and type giving you an edge over the competition
  • Built in iScoreCast and TwitterCast — Allows friends and family who are unable to attend the game to “watch” in real time from anywhere in the world. The entire game can even be replayed at a later date.
  • Complete Scorebook Output — Beautiful traditional scorebook is automatically generated, even for people that don’t know how to keep a scorebook. Invaluable for leagues that require it.
  • Intuitive Interview Scorekeeping — No need to learn cryptic ways of tracking a game. Even the most complex plays are scored with ease. Full base runner control means that every stolen base, pick-off and passed ball is tracked.
  • Multilevel Undo/Redo — Return to any point in the game, from the first play of the game to the last.
  • Data Sharing — Transfer games / teams between devices to save time entering data or to share statistics with others on your team or in your league

iScore seems to be the complete package for scoring baseball games, no matter what level or reason.

The support seems awesome too, they even have a series of videos demonstrating how to keep score with the app.

For more information about iScore, check out their website. You can download iScore for Android or iOS for $9.99.



  1. Scott Ludtke

    03/10/2013 at 1:50 pm

    Hi Chris:

    Do you know whether the WP plugin, as well as the iScore App, will work for games being played at a specific baseball park? In other words, I need to implement a way of keeping track of several games throughout the season for a single baseball park with 3-400 teams, with the ability to update scores for the teams and the website simultaneously.
    Any Clue where I might find such a application?

  2. Karim

    04/08/2013 at 9:15 pm

    I like what you did! I too wrote a program because all I wanted to track was my son’s batting average. I eventually wanted to make him baseball cards with multiple season statistics just like a Tops Baseball card. What I did was simplify the whole process… Just tracking what occurred in the at bat and not all the complex things (over throws, wild pitch player advance, etc)… So basically, “Add At Bat”… And what he did… The website is and is free for all. I welcome you to try it and share your feedback/suggestions with me. I’d love to partner with a league if you’re interested :o)


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