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July 14 – July 17th Forzathon: Speed Skills Tips to Win 2 HE Cars, Massive Credits and XP



The July 14th to July 17th Forzathon includes two Horizon Edition cars, 120,000 XP and 170,000 Credits as well as three wheelspins and you can complete this one easier than many recent challenges.

You’ll need to perform Speed Skills, a special Blueprint Bucket list, three races in a Jag and go online for some playground games. While you can complete most of these challenges offline and in many cases need to do them offline, you will want to go online to play three playground games like King or Infected.

Here are the four challenges that are part of this July 14th Forzathon, and what you get with each of these Untamed Performance Challenges;

  • Roaring Through-Perform 20 Speed Skills to earn 25,000 XP AND 50,000 CR
  • Flora And Fauna-Complete a Bucket List challenge that ends in the Rainforest to win 3 Wheelspins
  • Party Animals-Complete 3 Playground Games to win the Viper SRT10 HE AND 120,000 CR
  • Running Wild-Complete 3 Races in a Jaguar to earn the Jaguar XJ220 HE AND 95,000 XP

You don’t need to complete all of these challenges to get the rewards. Each time you beat one, you will get that reward immediately. If you do the challenge, but don’t get a reward you can check out how to fix common Horizon 3 problems with Forzathons.

What you need to know about the new Forzathon in the middle of July.

What you need to know about the new Forzathon in the middle of July.

How to Get Forza Horizon 3 Speed Skills Easily

The easiest way to get Speed Skills fast is to go to the main highway that runs from the Outback into the city. You just need to hit the straightaway and get to full speed. When you get that, keep going and you will hit top speed which will trigger Ultimate Speed Skills popping up.

Drive at top speed as Ultimate Speed pops up. You don’t need to stop and restart, just keep going until you get the achievement for Roaring Through. If you crash, just start over and get back up to top speed to add onto the Speed Skills. You don’t need all 20 in a single skill chain.

How To Unlock the Jaguar XJ220 HE

You don’t need to use a specific Jaguar to unlock the Jaguar Xj220 HE, but you will need to jump into a Jaguar. You don’t even need to tune or upgrade the Jag that you have since you don’t need to win the races.

Switch into a Jaguar, Blueprint a race to one lap and then go to another race and repeat to complete this challenge. You can also choose to play through normal races, but this is the fastest way.

How To Unlock the Viper SRT10 HE

Win the Viper SRT10 HE easily.

Win the Viper SRT10 HE easily.

This is another easy one to complete. Just go online and join a session. You will need to either join Playground games in progress if others are playing them, or you will need to start your own events.

You don’t need to win them, and there’s a good chance other people will be playing PlayGround Games like King and Infected so almost any session should work. After you complete three of these games you should see the pop-up and get the car and credits.

How to Complete a Rain Forest Bucket List

The best way to do this Forzathon challenge is to go into the middle of the rainforest where there is a Blueprint Bucket List. Create a new Blueprint and set a distance to finish somewhere in the rainforest. You need to go far enough to trigger the Bucket List, but it’s not that far.

Drive to the destination to set up the Blueprint. Then if needed add some time to the completion so you can beat it easily. You’ll have to run the Bucket list a second time and then when you complete it you should get the three wheelspins.

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