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June Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



Bespin Fix

Bespin Fix

 There are two fixes on board this update that are specific to the newly released Bespin DLC content. If you own the DLC, keep an eye out for these fixes.

The first is a decrease to the health of the AT-AT on Cloud City. We saw a few complaints about this after the DLC's release last week so it's nice to see that the developer was listening.

EA DICE also notes that its changed "the frequency of game modes appearing in the playlist – Two rounds of Sabotage will now be played every other round (similar to Extraction on Outer Rim).

It also "increased the frequency of the level Carbon-Freezing Chamber appearing and decreased the frequency of the level Cloud City appearing."

This is all for better balance. For more on Bespin, take a look at our roundup of the game's second piece of DLC. 

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