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June Star Wars Battlefront Update: What’s New



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What's Next

What's Next

EA DICE hasn't confirmed a date or a change log but we know that the company is planning another patch for Battlefront and Bespin. 

Star Wars Battlefront's Hero designer  has confirmed plans for a new patch and he's even confirmed a few fixes/tweaks that should be on board the next Battlefront update. 

It appears that the next patch will include some tweaks for Boba Fett's flamethrower, a fix for Dengar's Explosive Rush, and a fix for Hurricane Strike. That's a solid start.

He also says that he'll be looking into Lando's damage output so we could see some changes in EA DICE's next Bespin patch. 

Keep an eye on his feed and EA DICE's Battlefront forums for more details regarding the next client-side Battlefront update. We should see more emerge soon.

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