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Lander Arete AirPods Pro Case Review



The Lander Arete AirPods Pro case is slim and rugged with an IP65 rating for rain, snow, and dust. If you take your AirPods Pro wherever you go, this is a great case to protect them from the elements and your adventures.

I love the look of this case, and the small lanyard makes fishing them out of a deep pocket easy. This case offers a lot of protection without much bulk. The clasp keeps this case closed even when you drop your AirPods Pro, but it can be tough to open at times.

The Lander Arete AirPods Pro case is a great way to protect your AirPods.

The Lander Arete AirPods Pro case is $29.95 at Lander and Amazon. It is available in black or pink with a cool speckled pattern that looks great and matches the modern yet rugged style of this case.

The case is a one-piece design that provides full coverage, including protecting the hinge. The IP65 rating helps prevent AirPods Pro damage from rain, snow, and dust. This doesn’t make the AirPods Pro waterproof while you are using them, but it will help keep your AirPods safe if you expose the case to water.

A tight latch holds the case closed. The case is rated to protect for drops up to 10 feet. This is a significant bonus if you drop your AirPods often. Without the case on, your AirPods can pop out and bounce around, potentially disappearing into a crack or on a trail. The drawback to this strong latch is that you now need two hands to open the AirPods Pro case instead of flipping the top open with one hand. I found that squeezing in the sides of the AirPods Pro case and pushing up on the front grip opens the case the easiest.

A seal covers the Lightning port on the bottom. You can easily open this to charge or use wireless charging. The AirPods Pro still charges wirelessly on multiple chargers with this case on, and you can even see the red or green LED on the front. You can also press the button on the back if you need to reset your AirPods without taking them out of the case.

You can remove the lanyard if you don’t want to use it. I found it very handy during outdoor activities, but if I was in an office all day, it might not be as useful. The lanyard is made of Repreve, which is manufactured from recycled ocean plastics.

I really like using a case with the AirPods Pro because the standard white case scratches very easily. My white case was already scratched significantly due to half a year of use, and the Lander Arete case hides that while adding protection.

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