Lenovo Promises a Better Tablet is Coming on October 29th
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Lenovo Promises a Better Tablet is Coming on October 29th



Lenovo is planning a major product announcement for next week with the help of Ashton Kutcher and Hunter Hunted. The event invite does not reveal what the new Lenovo product is, only that it will be a “#BETTERWAY” to use technology.

Lenovo charged ahead with new form factors in the last year and a half, bringing the Yoga and Yoga Pro 2 to market, with a hinge that swivels to let users carry the notebook as a tablet and prop it up in many positions between and more recently with the Lenovo Flex 14 and 15 which swivel around to use the keyboard as a kickstand.

Like many smartphone and tablet announcements these days Lenovo will offer a livestream for anyone to tune in and watch the event. Ashton Kutcher will be there as an MC or product spokesperson. While many users know him from Two and a Half Men, the actor is heavily invested in the tech scene and recently played Steve Jobs in a feature film.

Lenovo teases a better tablet for October 29th.

Lenovo teases a better tablet for October 29th.

Users can visit Lenovo’s YouTube page at 10PM eastern, 7PM pacific on October 29th to see the new device unveiled with the help of Ashton Kutcher. Any device that can stream YouTube should work for watching this event.

Lenovo is teasing a #Betterway on Twitter and Facebook posting photos of tablets with the hashtag, Vine videos and more.

Based on the teasers, we may see a tablet with a kickstand and long battery life, because as Lenovo explains, “Extension cords. Not exactly mobile are they?”

Lenovo’s new product announcement comes a week after Apple announced the iPad Air and iPad mini 2, and in the timeframe where we may see the new Nexus 10 2 arrive alongside a Nexus 5. The holiday shopping season is about to kick off, and it is very likely that whatever tablet Lenovo announces, we’ll see it on store shelves and online very soon after an official announcement.

Lenovo makes Android and Windows tablets and devices, so we aren’t certain what this new #betterway tablet will run, though it is worth pointing out that the company just pushed our a Surface 2 competitor called the Miix 2, so this may be a tablet that takes on the Surface 2 Pro or one that is designed to compete with the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rob

    10/25/2013 at 11:54 pm

    Omg, I just bought a leveno tablet 2 weeks ago, and I’ve had problem after problem, I shipped it back to sender today! It was very upsetting, but I’m glad to be rid of that piece of junk. Never again. I ordered a dell, I’m sure it will be a lot better

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