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Lenovo Smart Clock Adds Google’s Assistant to Your Bedside



Google plans on connecting almost every device in your home to the Google Assistant. To help with that task, Lenovo just announced the Smart Clock, a stylish modern day alarm clock. Combining a 4-inch screen with a Google Home smart speaker to become your bedside companion.

This little gadget will help you unwind in the evening, plays ambient noise so you fall asleep faster, or can help kickstart your day. Not to mention control all of your other smart home devices or play your favorite music as a traditional speaker. Read on for more details.

At first glance, the Lenovo Smart Clock just looks like a small little screen on your nightstand, but what’s special is the power of the Google Assistant built-in. That means you have tons of controls and features available at the tip of your tongue or fingers.

The Google Assistant makes it easier to set up sleep routines, such as turning your devices on silent, dimming the lights without getting out of bed, or reminding you about upcoming calendar events for the next morning. In fact, it can do all of that with one command like, ” Hey Google, Good Night”.

Then, in the morning, it works like a traditional alarm clock, plus a bunch of other neat features. Those include gradually increasing the lights and volume of your alarm over a 30 minute period, and gives you weather information on the screen, aloud, or both. Ask Google about your day and you’ll see and hear the full schedule.

While Google Home speakers are convenient and smart, having to listen to commands from a smart speaker isn’t always ideal. When you add on a screen, you have the choice to look at the response or hear it. Plus, it connects seamlessly with every other smart device in your home. That means over 10,000 products can share information to the display. Whether that’s your front door security camera, the kids room, or seeing your Nest thermostat temp and turning it up.

The Lenovo Smart Clock has a soft fabric design, a 4-inch screen, and a loud 6-watt Dolby speaker to play your favorite tunes. There’s also a full-size USB port on the back to charge your phone, and a dedicated mute button for those worried about privacy and a speaker “listening” in the bedroom. That way you can mute the mic at a moments notice. And no, it does not have a camera.

Lenovo mentions that the 4-inch screen is as unobtrusive as possible and will only light up for attention when necessary. And when it’s not in use, you’ll have access to a slew of customizable yet stylish clock faces and fonts.

It takes the Amazon Alexa wall clock and makes it more useful, then packs Google inside. Put it in your bedroom or the bathroom. The Lenovo Smart Clock will be available in the coming months for $79.

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