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Lepow Pie Review: iPhone 6 Battery Case



The Lepow Pie iPhone 6  battery case is a great way to protect your iPhone 6, add some grip and extend the battery life without adding bulk all of the time.

Lepow delivers one of the first iPhone 6 battery cases with the Pie. The Lepow Pie is a two part iPhone 6 case that uses a magnet and a cable to keep the iPhone 6 charged on the go thanks to a removable 3,000 mAh battery pack.

Unlike many iPhone 6 battery cases that keep the bulk on the iPhone at all times, even when you are completely charged, the LePow Pie battery attaches using a magnet to the back of a slim case.

I really enjoy this part of the design, because I don’t need an iPhone 6 battery case all the time, especially when I am using the iPhone while i watch TV or relax in bed.

The Lepow Pie is a nice IPhone 6 battery case that provides a slim option when you are charged.

The Lepow Pie is a nice IPhone 6 battery case that provides a slim option when you are charged.

This design is nice, but i need to remember to grab the battery part of the case when I leave. I tend to keep it in my bag or my car for easy access. There is a small Micro USB to Lightning cable that connects the battery to the iPhone 6.

This leaves a small loop that adds to the height of the iPhone 6.  You can see the loop in the photo below. It’s something you need to deal with while using this case, but for the convenience of a removable battery I can live with it.

There is a small loop for the charging cable.

There is a small loop for the charging cable.

Users need to make sure they don’t misplace the small charger cord, which you remove from the battery to charge the battery. You cannot charge the battery and your iPhone at the same time, which isn’t a big deal since the battery is removable.

With a 3,000 mAh battery I can double my iPhone 6 battery life, and stretch even a little longer when I keep my charging between 20-80% which uses the external battery slower. One

The case and battery attach with magnets.

The case and battery attach with magnets.

Simply move the battery slightly and four LEDs light up to show how much battery life is left. They are located on the side of the battery facing the case so you aren’t blinded by blue LEDs when you use the iPhone 6 battery case.

The battery is curved and even though it is a separate part of the case the complete package is easy to hold while using the iPhone 6 throughout the day, even though I only need it on when I am charging. There is no on and off switch, which means whenever it is plugged in it is charging. I wish I could turn the battery off until I need it instead of it keeping the iPhone 6 topped off. I can unplug it and store the battery or cord in a pocket, but when I am on the move without a bag I end up leaving it all connected.

For most of my day I don’t need the battery part attached, but when it is, I can still fit the iPhone 6 and battery into my pocket. The magnet keeps the tow attached very well and I haven’t had the battery fall off the back of the iPhone 6.

This iPhone 6 battery case offers power when you need it and a slim design when you are charged.

This iPhone 6 battery case offers power when you need it and a slim design when you are charged.

When the battery is not attached the case is thin and light. It adds enough grip to help me get over the iPhone 6 slipperiness and the small size means I don’t need to switch to a second case when I am not charging. I’m not a huge fan of the mint green color, but that’s a personal preference regarding greens.

You can buy the Lepow Pie iPhone 6 battery case from Lepow for $59.99 and at Amazon. The company is currently offering a free iPhone 6 as part of the launch for this case.

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i-Blason External Battery Case

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3,200 mAh should give users a good 3 days of usage out of their smartphone. It won't ship until a little later this month and is priced quite high at $79.99, but is certainly for it for those in need.

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